My wireless doesn't work when other laptop is running beside mine

I an now experiencing a new kind of problem. Whenever some other laptop in my room is using internet with its wifi my wifi stops working. I checked my ping when no laptop was using wifi that its runnig quite smoothly. But as soon as my room mates laptop gets connected to the same network my ping gives me output that "Request timed out".

Is there any way to solve it out!!!
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  1. Well it seems like your laptop's wireless card might not be strong enough. You might want to see if maybe there are driver updates for your computer wireless card, see if they have some software glitches that the driver fixes.

    If your router has any antennae, you could try pointing them more towards you if you're the one who is only experiencing the problem.

    Might wanna try listing your wireless card (or at least your laptop make and model) to see if someone knows if its a bad wireless card or laptop.
  2. Mine wireless card is RT73 USB lan card. Can you tell me is this card not strong enough??
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