Couple questions about GPU's

Hello, I have a couple questions about my card.
1. Is it safe to have my fan speed at 60 percent while running games like Bf3 or games that tend to heat up my GPU? Would my fan break very soon?

2. I want to know if 68-70 degrees is safe for my GPU (GTX 560 TI) (EVGA) while running on full load, (Bf3, crysis 2, etc..) Are those tempertures safe for my card?

CPU Related question, didnt want to make another topic to be concidered spam
1. What are some good tempertures for my CPU?
At full load and Idle.

PC Specs"
MOtherboard: ASUS P-8875 - V
CPU: Intel Core i5- Sandy Bridge, 3.5 Ghz
Card: GTX 560TI EVGA
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  1. Both are perfectly safe.
  2. It's safe. I have my GTX 560 Ti at around 65-75°C while gaming (depends on game), and fan on 80-100% (depends on temperature).

    Safe CPU temps would be below 75°C at full load. And there is no such thing as unsafe idle temps - unless they are bigger than load limit.
  3. THank you all.
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