Looking for a Graphic card that can fit to my pc

Okay so i got this pretty weak pc i got a year ago, i thought my HD 6450 would do the job, it's pretty much the same with my laptop's intergrated gpu.

My budget's pretty tight, i can only go as high as $80 and these 3 radeon cards:
-Amd radeon hd 5670
-Amd radeon hd 6570
-Amd radeon hd 6670
caught my attention, they got into tom's hardware best cheap gpu category as well.

So here are my specs:
-Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit
-4gb ram ddr3
-400+ watt power supply (i don't have the exact number yet, but i got it from hd 6450's minimum sys req)
-Radeon hd 6450

My pc's a slim tower, people told me to just buy a new pc, i don't even know if these cards could fit in my pc since i don't know much about computer.

Any help would be appreciated
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  1. 6670 is obviously the best ( also bang/buck ) but it also depends on what you're gonna do with it.

    For gaming i strongly suggest the 6670.

    It is important to be sure about your psu.
  2. HD 6670
  3. Okay so i just found out some crazy s*** on my pc.
    My psu is fps180-50npl, the output power is 180w, but the radeon hd 6450 requires atleast 400, my mobo looks pretty small, the hd 6450 barely fits, i dont know what's it model, since when i check it with some freeware it told me it was lenovo, and the details are unknown.
    Really need some answer here, should i just buy a new pc?
  4. The 6450 uses almost no power ( 26W at full load or something :lol: ) so the 400W is very overrated.

    Sounding of it, yes buy a new pc !

    What brand/model pc is it ?
  5. Its Lenovo h330, damn, i was ot planning to buy a new pc AT ALL.
    Im on college so gaming isn't my priority right now, though i can buy a new psu for a start.
    And does anyone know how much does the hd6670 consumes? I saw in another thread that someone ran hd 5670 on 180w, but the req on the 5670 is pretty high after i did some research.
  6. Maybe you don't need to buy a new one, upgrading psu and gpu should be possible.

    Not sure which psu fits in that pc though, have to look for that and it's quite late over here, maybe i'll find something tomorrow. Or somebody else before that.
  7. Maybe something like this ; or

    You'll just have to check your dimensions and see if these or a regular fit.
  8. there are sizes for psu too? i almost shat myself... darn this is complicated, maybe i should bring the pc to the store, see what the guy can do with my pc, what is the recommended psu that i'll need for 6670? and also i found <-- this, see if that's any help
  9. my psu's height is a bit shorter, though the length is longer, still i'm bringing this pc to the store... i'm not taking any chances screwing up my system/wallet
  10. You're probably not going to be able to upgrade much without spending money. The PSU on that thing if it's a different size is going to be hard to replace, it looks like it may be a low profile too which is going to limit graphics cards. Part of the reason I hate name brand stuff, they use too much proprietary crap.
  11. LoL.

    It's not that complicated. Even i managed it. ( though i did make some mistakes nothing went exploding or something. ) But when you really don't wanna go that far it's safer to let the store do it, only with the money you save by doing it yourself you can buy a better gpu, like a 7750 . . .

    Found that link and others yeah.

    According to those there's also a version with a 6570 which uses about the same as the 7750, BUT i'm not sure if that model has the same psu as yours, so . . .

    Maybe the 7750 would run on your existing psu but i can't promise that and trying could hurt your pc.

    Maybe just open your pc and check the dimensions of your psu and i'll be happy to look for one with higher specs.
  12. I just found another guy with the same pc in the forums, he said none of the graphic card he tried never fits. the pc's a slim tower, and rob, i saw that you replied to the guy saying "Afraid you're on a dead and than", does this applies to me to? do i really have to buy a new computer, i can't buy a new psu/better gpu than 6570?
  13. Also i just found out that i can buy a "cheap mid case" for around $50 to get rid of the problem, i really don't know anything about pc, so let me get this straight:
    -Buy mid/full tower computer case
    -Buy a more powerfull PSU
    -Buy the VGA

    did i miss anything? should i also change the motherboard or something?
    this is really growing onto a problem i did not expect, i thought i could get away buying a cheap pc and upgrade the rest later :(
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