What Is The Best AGP Video Card

whats your whole systems specs and budget ?
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  1. Or tell me weather it is worth it to buy a AGP Video card or to just replace my motherboard to get PCI-E slots for the great video cards?
  2. Best agp card is a 3850 agp while there was a very limited run of 3870 for the agp but very rare almost nonexistent to be honest. Then there is the overpriced 4650/70 and almost all are ddr2 which suck.

    Overall you are better off buying a new board.
  3. the specs on my comp are:

    Window 7 Professional

    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz 3.39GHz (no idea if this is good or not)

    2 GB RAM

    System type: 64-bit Operating System

    Pen and Touch: No pen and touch is available for this display

    and my budget is whatever i just wanna know if its worth spending the money or getting a new board
  4. Well, if you plan on gaming, then that computer is not really going to do it for you. Do you have an upgrade budget?
  5. basically what i wanna do is buy like a 23 inch HDMI tv and play dota and watch movies on that using a HDMI cord from the tv to my comp but i dont have a HDMI output so i need one from a graphics card that will go smooth with the computer
  6. The 4670 is still for sale at TigerDirect, but its really really overpriced and pretty much sucks:


    That's just really expensive for that card.
  7. What type of ram is your system using? DDR1 or DDR2? If ddr2 then just buy a new or second hand 775 board that has pcie and just change everything onto the new board. Might have to reinstall windows but that isn't to much trouble then pick up a cheap 6450. That will give you hdmi and something that can handle all the new codecs.
  8. how can i teel what kinda ram im using i know i have 2 slots that are filled with 1 GB each
  9. Just take a look at the ram and look at what shape the chips are. DDR1 has rectangular chips that you can clearly see the pins while DDR2 and above are square shaped BGA that you don't easily see the pins beneath the chips.
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