Will a EVGA Graphics Card GTX570 work with a HX750W Corsair Power Supply in a Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Intel64 Family Model 42 Stepping 7?

Intel(R) HD Graphics 2000
Physical Memory: 8104 MB
Min Graphics Memory: 64 MB
Max Graphics Memory: 1696 MB
Processor Speed: 3093 MHz

If not, what would be recommended? I've tried to install it before and the Graphics Card did not seem to have any way of fitting.
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  1. Yes it will work. How much are you willing to pay? GTX 660 Ti might be a little bit more expensive, but it's much more powerful.

    Also, what did you mean by saying "did not seem to have any way of fitting"?
  2. Should work fine. But how would it not fit?
  3. I'm not that bright when it comes to hardware. When I attempt to install it, I may be installing it incorrectly, but the wiring seems troubling and is giving me issues of plugging both into the correct places.

    I already bought the 570 GTX from Newegg and it's pass the 30 day limit to return it for the full price I bought it for. For video games, if I were to buy the GTX 660, how much of a difference would the 570 be in comparison to the 660 when speaking in terms of FPS?
  4. Both of the power wires? I'm confused. Can you link a picture by chance?
  5. I do not own a digital camera.
  6. Well I'd love to help you but I can't figure out what the issue is. The 660Ti would be an improvement, but not really worth it. You would see a performance increase but not enough to justify the more money you spend on it.
  7. But you are 100% certain that the power supply and video card will fit accordingly?
  8. Well I don't know what case you are using, so I have no idea, but I am 100% certain the card will work with the power supply.
  9. DELL
    Intel Inside ™
    Core ™i3
    Windows 7

    I'm not sure exactly how to tell you what my case exactly looks like.
  10. Do you have a cell phone with a camera? You could take a picture with it.

    Anyway, on the GTX 570 should two power sockets. One 6-pin and another 8-pin one. Your power supply will have those for just, but don't confuse which 8-pin to use: it will say PCIe on it. There's another 8-pin connector which is used for CPU power, and it will not fit inside GTX 570 socket.
  11. Well if you give me the model number of your computer it should work.
  12. I'd say it should fit fine:

  13. Inspiron 620 Minitower w/ Black Bezel FT22

    I am unsure of how to show you the model number, but I'm sure you could look an image of that up.
  14. Let me see if I can get this done, knowing that this is compatible now. I'll let you know.
  15. I'm still having issues. I'm just going to bring it to a computer repair store and have them install it for me. Thank you to the both of you!
  16. What kind of issues you have? Can you describe them please?
  17. I've attempted to install this before and opening the case up again, I am seeing wires not even hooked up still. I'll be better off just taking it to a professional so they install it hands on.
  18. Yea, the wires will not be plugged in, you have to do that yourself...
  19. Wires plugged in.....? You've got to do that yourself
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