Should I buy i5 3570k vs 2550k?

Hey, my questuin is that shouldI buy the Core i5 3570k, or the 2550k for gaming?

I don't care about the built-in graphic card, I'll use a dedicated one. First I'm not planning to get an aftermarket cooler, only in April or May. Which one could I oc more with the stock cooler?

The price difference would be 15$, so that's not a point also.

And for motherboard i thought about an AsRock Z75 Pro3, is that will be good?
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  1. if money is really tight go for the 2550k. personally i would just get the newer 3570k. you wont notice a real life difference between the 2.
  2. The 2550K will overclock far more on the stock cooler, because Ivy Bridge CPU's tend to have heat problems.
    Even with water cooling, max Oc vs max OC, the Sandy Bridge still wins.
    If performance is your main concern, go with the 2550K.

    And the motherboard you're considering is ok if you're not going after serious overclocks.
    Otherwise i'd suggest this one as the minimum.
  3. For OC I planned about 4-4.2Ghz.
    What do you think of the most OC that the AsRock can handle?
  4. Ivy only has heat issues once you start adding a lot of voltage, and you shouldn't be overclocking on the stock heatsink anyway.

    The difference in overclockability between Ivy and Sandy is only apparent when your really pushing the chip, which you don't intend to do nor should on a stock heatsink.

    On the stock coolers, I would say don't go above 3.8Ghz, on either chip.
    I say go for the 3570k.
  5. 3570k average is 4.5-4.6 so it's not a problem if you plan on 4.2ghz...

    3570k is 5-10% faster at the same clock so 4.8ghz 3570k will be the same than the 2550k 5ghz anyway...
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