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Hello all! :bounce:
Just recently (Like, a few days ago) my Taskbar will not hide anymore. Playing Slender, Watching YouTube Videos, Pressing F11 on the browser, it doesn't matter. It just sticks there. It won't go away unless I auto hide, even then, I have to see that annoying bar which I will not put up with. Plus, I want to see it when I'm not in full screen mode.

I won't download any software for this. I refuse. I recently downloaded updates, and I believe a few others who downloaded Windows 7 updates are having this issue as well. If you can help fix this, I'd really appreciate it guys. :love:

Thanks all,
~Guy :whistle:
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    Hello there

    Try restoring your computer to an earlier restore point. This would resolve the issue. Then configure your Windows to notify you about the updates without downloading. You can then manually select each update to download and install them one by one. Check the taskbar behavior after each update installation.

    As soon as the issue re-occurs, remove the most recent update from the computer and continue with the other updates installation process.

    This approach is time taking but it will help you identify the problematic update.

    Hope this helps.
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