Is this build worth it's money

Case : Galaxy 3 Gamers Style Midi Tower Case
Motherboard : Gigabyte Z77-D3H Motherboard Technology
CPU : Intel Ivy Bridge I7 3770K Unlocked CPU
Hard Drive : 2tb Sata Hard Drive
Memory : 16gb DDR3 1333 Memory
Graphics Card : Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 2gb GDDR5 with HDMI
Power Supply : 750 Watt Branded Power Supply
Optical Drive : 24x Dual Layer Sata DVD Writer
1 Year Return To Base Warranty ( Upgradeable to 3 Years )

This build has been quoted to me for £882 , is this value for Money ? , what do you think of the build ? Is the motherboard any good ?
I still need an OS tho any feed back is much appreciated thank you
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  1. motherboard is ok
    cpu is good
    ram could use 1600mhz but 1333 is perfectly fine
    the power supply seems suspicious
    case isnt great
    graphics card is ok as long as its using a custom design (no boxy fan unit)

    its ok but could be much better
  2. What would u change to improve the build and still keep it reasonably priced comparison
  3. change the case to a antec 302.

    change the motherboard to a gigabyte z77x-ud3h or a asrock extreme4. whichever is cheaper

    get a aftermarket fan like the coolermaster hyper 212 evo

    change the powersupply to something like a xfx 550w if you are not doing dual video card setups or a xfx xxx 750w if you do want to do that

    if the video card is reference, id change that too but it should do ok

    and i hope you are building this yourself
  4. Thank you for your help sir
  5. wait why do you hope he's building this himself?
  6. because you get scammed if you dont. or they do a $hitty job building it
  7. ohh yeaa like they do at best buy... :(
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