Worried from psu 12v rail overload - antec vs450

Hi all,

I have built a new htpc to my living room

Intel Q8200 @ Stock
Stock Cooling
Intel DG43RK
Antec VS450
x1950 Pro 512MB

i connected a 120mm fan (2000 rpm) and it was noisy so i did the 7v trick to reduce the noise (it lowered the fan speed and the noise) .. so what is the problem ? i was reading on the net that this trick can damage the psu (and if the psu is damaged it will damage other parts) .. the people who wrote that explained that the 7v trick causing a overload on the 12v rail and eventually (sooner then expected or later - luck thing) will fail. on the other hand (40:60 ratio against the 7v trick) some say that the are using this trick not on one fan however on more than one for years and everything works fine. in addition, i read that it's not recommended to over the 12.5v on the 12v rail so base on that i'm ok, but still i'm worried and need your professional opinion ..

i took pictures from siw (system info for windows) which reads all computer parts information (for some reason everest/aida64 doesn't reads all the information from my computer) and the readings shows that i have 12.33v on my 12v rail. i entered to the bios and the readings shows there that there is 12.024v on the 12v rail ..

here are the pictures:

http://imageshack.us/scaled/thumb/707/11359998.jpg http://imageshack.us/scaled/thumb/818/siwj.jpg

to which one should i believe ? to the bios (more logical but i don't know if the computer is on enough stress that impacts on the 12v rail voltage and if stress in general have impact on the 12v rail voltage) or the the program ?

i gonna get a device that measures voltage (fluke) but till then i want to read other professionals opinions.

i begging, please, only people who understand, will psu can be damaged from single 120mm fan which i believe consume 1w to work ?

in thanks,
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  1. Believe BIOS. Why not replace the fan with a 1200rpm fan if you are worried.
  2. rolli59 said:
    Believe BIOS. Why not replace the fan with a 1200rpm fan if you are worried.

    because it's a brand new fan and i already have wasted enough money on this htpc .. and now you're telling me to believe to the bios so base on the bios readings (12.024v), it's normal .. in general, is stress have impact on the 12v rail voltage ?

    in short, is it safe ?
  3. I think you are safe. Slight voltage drop is common if under high load just as long it is within the ATX std you are fine.
  4. you mean slight overload not ? one more thing, on the way .. my htpc atx build is suck and i had to put my psu on the drives cage and there is no way to the air that coming out from the psu to out from the case .. when i put my fingers through the drives front panel plastic i'm feeling the hot air .. i estimate the air that coming out from there to be 33-36 celsius .. is my psu will be fine with this tempature ?
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