Which One Will be the best buy??

have G31M-ES2L mother board and Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 GHz and 2gb DDr2 800 FSB ram. Now I want to buy a graphics card compatible to my mother board and it should be with in budget of Rs. 5300.

I choosed 3 cards for myself i.e. Radeon HD 5670 , Radeon HD 6570, Radeon HD 6670. Among these 3 cards which will be the best???? plz help me.
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  1. 6670 is the best.
  2. And Can u say me how much power supply is needed for the CARD 6670
  3. One with at least 18A on the +12v rail. A good 250W or a bad 450W will do.
  4. thank you thank you very much and can u give me another info i.e. is this card is enough to play DOTA 2 and WOW(World Of Warcraft)
  5. You're welcome. Depending on your resolution and in-game settings it is a decent card, not super strong though.

    Not sure about those games, i didn't play them myself so i don't know if they are very demanding.

    If you could stretch your budget the HD7750 would be better than the 6670.
  6. but does my mother board will support that card becoz my mother board is quite old one and. chk this specification
  7. You might have a pci-e version 1.0 slot, i'm not sure.

    Sometimes a 2.1 version gpu ( like the 6670 ) can give compatibility problems with a 1.0 mobo.

    Maybe you can find out what version you have ? ( i'll keep looking also )

    The 7750 shouldn't have that problem anyway.
  8. yes its pci-e version 1.0
  9. and if i buy 7750 how much will be the powers consumption and how much will be the PSU cost can u provide me any link for PSU
  10. Like i said ; very few cases known that there was a problem.

    You could try to find on the net somebody else who has that gpu on that pc or just take the risk. ( maybe it's possible to send the card back when it's not working, check that )

    Or, . . . , just go for the 7750 :lol:
  11. About the same power consumption as the 6670.

    Can you give me a link of a site where you buy from ( India i assume )
  12. Yes it is India and we buy from shops not from sites
  13. Well there is a site where you guys can buy from, only can't remember how it's called, have to look into that.
  14. Glad to help. :hello:
  15. thank you very much u havehelped me a lot..
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