Intels hyperthreading

i am a little confused regarding hyperthreading of intel cpu.
i have an i7 3610 laptop, suppose i am running an application which can utilize only 2 threads, then which cores are used by application?
whether 2 real physical cores or 2 logical cores or both?
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  1. It uses the 2 real cores as HT is the real core: HT primary fonction is to overlay instructions over the non used transistor on the core itself, in clear the same physical core can do 2 things at once over a non-HT CPU...

    In clear, with HT, if you use that part of the CPU the others parts are still availlable to run other things and when you don't have HT the cpu don't open this non-used power to the applications so they're forced to another core

    HT can run 2 threads on a single core so it's always the core that does the job, not an HT unit (as it don't exist) HT simply decide to use unused transistors to do more things...
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