Samsung sA550 causes computer lock up

I built a friend a comp out of spare parts 2 months ago. we ordered a Samsung sa550 led monitor for this computer. it ran stable for a week or so but then would fail to resume after sleep, then it started to black screen during video playback and games, then it started doing this all the time and would stop displaying video upon startup. next the screen would start to jump and flash randomly before going black.

I replace the PSU, MB, RAM, CPU, and swapped video cards. i also ran his video card in my system with out issue. we also tried VGA and HDMI on the LED. no change in symptoms except upon each alteration we would get a 2-8 day stable streak where no black screens would occur.

so 3 days ago we swapped monitors, i took one of my 8 22" Samsung lcd's and gave it to him and i took the led. i ran for a day and a half before this led monitor started to flash, puke unicorn rainbows, and attempt to give me a seizure before all 9 of my monitors went black. while the led was flashing around all other 8 of my screens were stable. I just came back to my computer today being 1 day after the above occurrence and i was greeted with a black screen, the same black screen that my friend was getting. i have the LED hooked up via HDMI on display port

his comptuer specs: Asus am2+ MB, phenom 955, 5GB DDR2 800, Radeon 5870, OCZ ssd, WD black HD, 550W PSU. changed specs: Foxcon MB, 4GB DDR2, Athlon X2 am2, GT260, OCZ ssd, WD black.

my specs: i7 860@4.8, msi big bang fuzion, 3 SSD in raid-0, 9 WD green 2TB, 16GB DDR3 2133, 2 radeon 7970 CF and 1 9600GT, 8 20-22" Samsung/gateway LCD's and 1 46" Samsung LCD, 1.5KW PSU.

my system had a stable up time of 3 months prior to having this LED screen hooked up and with in 3 days i have had 2 black screens. I do not understand how a monitor could cause such a thing??? i have been in PC repair for 6 years and never encountered this... has anyone got any kind of insight?

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  1. A short-circuit or intermittent contact on the signal lines can easily cause that I guess. Maybe the video card detects it and switches the / all ports off? It's even more critical on HDMI, because it would effects the encryption protocol handshake.
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