Want to upgrade my build. 400$ budget. Suggestions?

My Rig:
i5 2500k
Asrock Z68 extreem 3 gen 3
MSI 560ti hawk. Oc @ 1000/2200
8GB 1600 corsair low profile.
Pc power and cooling 750w 80+ silver.
128Gb OCZ agility 4
500gb hdd
ASUS 24" 1080 Monitor.

My question is that I would like to upgrade, but adding another hawk is ill advised. Even though that was a selling point for me originally.
I have 400$ to spend and I would like to make it count. Thoughts? Ideas?
Currently wrestling over 670/7950/7870ghz. But please don't say "and you can always drop another card in later" because that didn't work out so well with the hawk. Or should I not brother upgrading the GPU and go another route? Thank for reading.
Yours truly,
-That guy who takes forever to make a decision.
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  1. Is a 7970ghz worth it? Also what do you suggest as far as monitors go? I like mine but it's a TN and I would like an ips.
  2. I forgot to say I have a 212 evo hooked up. Still have not oc'd my cpu tho. My question is what's the difference between ghz edition and not? Higher headroom for oc?
  3. Well I guess the answer is upgrade my GPU. However I'm not sold on flagship GPUs. The diminishing returns as far as cost per frame go. Anyone have any other suggestions?
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    sell your gpu and as you have a quiet good psu , you can sli 2 gtx 660 or just one 670. with overclocking your cpu your pc will be on steroids ;)
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