Cannot connect to internet by ethernet or wifi

Hi everyone,

I am new to building computers so please be kind:)

I have a new build running Windows 7 and have a "REaltek PCIe GBE family controller" network card that should allow me to connect to the internet using an ethernet connection. However, when I plug in the ethernet cable, nothing happens. I have the ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 Intel Z68 (Socket 1155) Motherboard
( and have installed all the drivers from the mobo cd. On device manager, it says the network adaptor driver is installed correctly. Is the problem likely to be a problem with internal wiring?

Secondly, I understand this may be a stupid question but how do I pick up a wifi signal? Do I need to buy another wireless card?

Many thanks in advance for any help at all.
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  1. When you plug the network cable into the back of your computer you should see one or two lights start to flash near the network port.
    If you don't it usually means there's no connection. Check to make sure it's securely plugged in at both ends.

    To get a wireless signal you must have a wireless card installed. Your motherboard doesn't have onboard wireless, so you'd need to purchase either an internal or external card.
    Something like or
  2. Thanks for your input arael. The ethernet cable links to my laptop fine but I do not get any lights flashing when connected to my desktop.

    Regarding the wireless network adaptor, I have decided to buy an internal adaptor. I am using a mobile broadband dongle (manufactured by huawei) but will hopefully change to a new broadband connection soon. I will be gaming online so require a stable connection (the router will be close to my pc). Is an internal network adaptor better than a usb adaptor for connection stability?

    I have a high end pc and intend to use it for the next few years, so will the network wireless card you posted ( [...] s_id=18067) be sufficient? If not, have you any other suggestions?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. If you're wanting to use the net for gaming then I'd recommend using a wired configuration, as wireless can be a bit flaky. If you can't, then yes the Asus N15 should suffice. It's got N range capabilities, so as long as you have a decent wireless modem/router that can provide N range wireless it will have a speedy connection.

    In regards to the ethernet cable, if the lights show on your laptop but not on your PC then it's definitely something going on with your PC.
    Try downloading the network drivers directly from the ASRock website.

    Windows 7 32bit -
    Windows 7 64bit -

    Uninstall the current drivers, reboot then install the new drivers.
  4. I have the -exact- same problem with my Z68 Extreme3 Gen3. I recently got new hardware as well, so it has basically never worked with this motherboard, so there could definitely be something up with the PC. However: since I'm able to ping the NIC (, but not the router, what would this mean? That there's an actual problem with the socket of the network cable? I'm getting no LED lights showing from the back of my PC, but my network cable works together with my laptop.

    Help? Is the motherboard borken?
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