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Hi my name is Kayla i have got a school laptop and i dont know how to get to my webcam. The model is Windows 7 interprise. My friend told me that i have to download it which takes up 1gb i was wondering how to i download it for free ? Plz reaply fast
Sincerely Kayla :)
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  1. Hi,

    In order to point you to the software for your webcam, we first need to know the make and model of computer you are using.
  2. No, whatever the webcam and whatever the laptop, you will not need to download something like 1GB driver & software, it'll be barely 20MB. You will not need to pay for it, so it is free, just try to use Windows Update, then check inside which drivers & software are required in your laptop. Choose the ones connected to the webcam. That's all.
  3. Windows update does have the drivers for *some* webcams, but most it doesn't.
  4. She'll be in luck if it does, and there is a 99% chance that they will have the drivers or atleast direct her to the site that does ave the drivers for it. Simple is easy and beautiful. I wouldn't expect her to know the model of the laptop, since she already called it a school laptop. We're here to solve her issue not complicate her and our lives by playing 20 questions.
  5. the model is acer, aspire 1830 it has 4 gb memory plz relyt soon
  6. Is that the Acer Aspire TimelineX 1830T?
  7. Here is the driver and software listing for the whole notebook.

    If you can't find it from the applications section on that page, which has 5 of them listed there you can try, this
    :How do I use the Acer Hardware Vendor Detection Utility to find the correct drivers for my computer?"
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