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3 monitors w/ 2 non-gaming, 1 gaming?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if it would be possible to run a 3 monitor set up with 1 (center display) used solely for gaming and the other 2 for peripheral display such as for Teamspeak + web browser windows at their standard resolutions (1920x1080s on the left and right & 1900x1200 on the center display)?

I was wondering if I possibly need to get a Matrox TripleHead2Go or if I even need to at all with the following hardware? :

Motherboard: Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z
GPU: Nvidia 660 Ti
CPU: Intel 2600K
Monitor #1: Asus VH238H =
Monitor #2: Asus VW266H =
Monitor #3: LG W2486L =
^^^From left to right as if it were on a desk

Thanks for your help.

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  1. One card will not do it, however since you have the 2600K, you can use the HD3000 onboard for the 3rd monitor. No Virtu needed, just enable it in the bios, and install the drivers for it.

    Nevermind, you have one of the motherboards using Z68 that didn't include the DVI/VGA/HDMI ports to make use of it.

    I'm running my 2nd monitor via the HD3000, to keep my idle temps down(its hot enough in here as is, no need to make it warmer ALL of the time), but my motherboard has the video ports. You'll need another card to run the 3rd.
  2. Actually, he shouldnt need another card because with the new 600 series GTX cards they removed the 2 monitor restriction limit of Fermi on the Kepler architecture.
  3. Good point, I forgot about that.
  4. Asus 670 TOP

    Has twin DVI outputs, along with a single HDMI and DisplayPort out, all \of which can be used at once.
  5. ^
    Why are you suggesting a graphics card for him?

    @OP: It will work, you can use any of the connectors just don't use VGA adapters. You don't need to get anything else.
  6. So, I'm not really an expert as far as the specific cabling goes, but the cables that come with the monitors these days, are those DVI-D or DVI-I (because I have plenty of those laying around.

    As far as the 660 Ti goes, its funny to me that Jack recommended a different card to me because I used to have two 7970s, returned one, got the 660 Ti instead because I plan to upgrade to the 700 series when that comes out along with MB, CPU, and RAM as well.

    Any who, to set it up correctly on my 660 Ti, which will arrive on Monday or Tuesday, I just need 2 regular DVI cables or is it 1 regular DVI-I and 1 DVI-D I believe is the one that doesn't come with the monitors in the box and also in addition to a display port to DVI adapter or the HDMI is also available to set up the 3 to work? Will this cable set up work?

    Thanks for all of your responses.

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    DVI-I Cables don't exist, only DVI-A or DVI-D. Also, DVI-D will work in DVI-I slot. And yes, this cable setup will work. As long as you don't use VGA adapters/cables or DVI-A cables, it will work :).
  8. This? :
    ..."DVI was developed to create an industry standard for the transfer of digital video content. The interface is designed to transmit uncompressed digital video and can be configured to support multiple modes such as DVI-D (digital only), DVI-A (analog only), or DVI-I (digital and analog). "

    Thanks for all of your help. I believe I have found the answers I was looking for ;D
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  10. Okay, yea they apparently do exist, however, I'm confused why they exist :O There's no reason to transfer two signals on single cable at the same time :D

    Also, glad I helped ;).
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