Faulty SLI Causing Sub-par Performance

Hello! I am a proud owner of two GTX 560ti graphics cards that are SLI-enabled. However, after building my desktop, I realized that I was not getting the performance that I should. Skyrim runs at under 40fps on Ultra, Sleeping Dogs runs at 30fps, and Guild Wars 2 runs at a steady 25. I conducted some tests involving the swapping out and individual testing of each graphics card and found that I am getting the performance that a single card provides. This may have to do with a faulty SLI bridge, but my performance in benchmarking programs doubles as if SLI is working. Has anyone had a similar problem, and if so, do you know of a fix for it? Thank you!
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  1. Full specs please?
  2. -AMD Phenom II Black Edition X6 @3.63 ghZ
    -2tb hard drive @ 7200rpm
    -Crosshair V motherboard
    -16gb RAM (4X4)
    -900w power supply
  3. start with gpu-z and read both cards. they should be the same speed and the same or close device id for sli to run.with gpu-z make sure both pci bus are reading right. also check that your mb suports sli a few low end ones dont. some of the newer cheap z77 have one pci slot at 16x and the other slot at 4x. for sli to run right two cards should be running at 8x speed or 16x speed.
  4. My motherboard definitely supports SLI, as it is the best ASUS has to offer, and has four PCI slots. I'll try gpu-z, though!
  5. According to gpu-z, both cards are functioning as they should, meaning that it must be a problem with my SLI bridge, I'm assuming?
  6. Make sure sli Is enabled through nvidia control panel. Also in global settings put option to use multiple GPUs.
  7. It looks like both of those are already in place.
  8. check that the mb bios and the amd chipset drivers are up to date.
  9. I updated both. My computer now boots up faster, but performance in games remains the same.
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