Help Connecting 9600 GT to SPDIF jumper on motherboard...

Hey guys..

So basically what I am trying to do is connect my BFG 9600 GT to the SPDIF jumper on my motherboard. The problem I am having is the jumper on the card is 2 pin and the jumper on the motherboard is 3 pin. I have read on the forums that one is power one is spdif and one is ground. The main thing I cannot figure out is which is which. There are no colors, I cannot find anything on the internet that shows me anything about it, and I am scared to just start plugging it in bc I do not want to fry my gfx card/mobo.

Here is a list of what I have.

Motherboard -

Graphics Card -

Thank you in advance for you input.
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  1. In your card you have SPDIF IN and GND.
    On your mainboard you have +5V, SPDIF OUT, GND. (I honestly don't see the SPDIF header in specification of the board you given nor while looking at its picture).

    Use multimeter to find out which pin is +5V and which one is GND.

    On most mainboards they are aligned as follows: +5V, free space, SPDIF, GND

    Edit 2:
    On graphics card pin marked with two little arrows is SPDIF IN.
  2. There is a layout of the board on that page I linked.

    The SPDIF header is under PC3 slot.

    So you are saying I can just turn the computer on and use a multimeter to see which is +5v?
  3. You could try. I don't know if the board gives +5V at all times or you need to enable some option in drivers. I guess there should always be +5V on one pin.
    Try measuring voltage between outermost pins.
  4. I mean if I plug the wrong thing in is it just going to instantly blow my computer up? I am thinking of just buying another video card that has HDMI native. I am wanting to use the computer to play 1080 video so I mean anything will pretty much do that.
  5. If you are afraid to measure it when turned on, turn it off (make sure that psu power cable is detached) and check the continuity between all pins. +5V and SPDIF out shouldn't give you a beep.

    I'm going to call it a night. Good luck in your testing.
  6. Thanks for your help.

    Ok so I just figured out that the motherboard is an Asus P5LP-LE. So, now I am going to try to find a pin out on it. Thanks again.
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