Will the M3A78-CM work with Phenom II x6 1045T

Just wondering if anyone knows if the M3A78-CM> Will work wit the Phenom II x6 1045T
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  1. So i found out it works but now my graphics card crashes everytime i try to open a game:(
  2. Update the drivers for your Graphics card.
  3. They are up to date... im trying to roll back i heard the new nvidia drivers are messing up...is there anything else that could be a problem?
  4. No, most likely a driver issue. Try the rollback and if that doesn't work try a bios update. Also make sure your windows updates are good and all your drivers are installed and working.
  5. Im assuming you are talking about the bios for the vga card? is it done the same ways as mobo bios?
  6. No the MOBO Bios. You should never need to upgrade the GPU bios.
  7. Well the mobo bios are up to date i did that before i installed the cpu so noticed i have windows updates so im going to try those and the roll back
    thanks for the help appreciate it
  8. Didnt work :(

    COuld it be my powersupply?
  9. This is what happens when i try to open games or run furmark
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