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I recently added BIOS password to keep my brother out. He used a boot CD to crack my Windows 7 64 Bit password. I was pissed so i created the password and i think it was too long or something. The password i knew was larger than the space but i thought it would work. Anyway, i tried every pass word combination there was with no success.

I didn't want to have to use the INTERNET and certainly didn't want to start a page so i searched. I found that take out the battery to the BIOS like i do on my desktop. I have done it several times on my desktop so doing the same on my laptop, didn't seam to hard. I found a step by step picture procedure and went to work, i let it sit for almost 2 hours and turned it back on. The keyboard stopped working and the password is still there. :fou:

This laptop was almost brand new but had no warranty at all. Is there anyway i can save it? the lights still blink and bios still starts!Im only 17, ive messed with computer stuff before but im *** out of luck.

Any help would be extremely thankful.
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  1. Sorry but we do not help with circumventing passwords, not even if it's your own password.
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