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I will be gratefull for some insight on this matter ;) . The pc will be running Guld wars 2 + diablo 3 + 10-20 sites at the same time ... at all time :D . My old pc has 1tb samsung hard that I will probably use to save money and HD4850 that I might use if the money are not enought for videcard that is at least 2 times better , or by one down the road . Keep in mind that im from Bulgaria and the prices of the parts here are 5-30 % more expensive ... for example gtx670 is 860bgn ( 537$ ) ..., yeh some parts are insanly overpriced
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  1. ups I forgot to tell u that 1000$ are 1600 bg money and some bulgarian site whit prices ( they are more less the same in any ) , only the supply is different http://www.ccb-bg.com/components.aspx
  2. A second hd-4850 card used locally might be a good value if prices are so high.
    The hd-4850 also crossfires with the more common hd-4870 but doing that just results in the hd-4870 running at hd-4850 speeds.

    What cpu+board+memory and power supply do you have now?

    Ouch i checked out that site, that is insane.
  3. gygabite ep45-ud3 intel core2 duo E8500 3.16ghz Bluestorm II 500W 4gb ddr2

    yeh.. the prices are imba ... lucky me :/
  4. Oh ok, so its best to sell your used computer as a whole then.

    Maybe it will fetch a decent price since parts are expensive there?

    That power supply is not good enough for anything more than what you have now, and there is no way it will power two hd-4850's. Socket 775 is old and outdated and buying a core2quad is not worth it.

    I would keep your os system, and hdd and any sata dvdrw's since they are expensive there.
    Since your current system has ide on it, you could piece it back together with older ide stuff and put it up for sale.

    Wait and i will look at the list and try and put something together..
  5. Is your dvdrw sata or ide? is your samsung 1tb sata or ide? (ide is the wide ribbon cable).
    Most of the new boards no longer have ide plugs on them.
  6. there are other sites whit better variaty of stock , but is seems all of them are written in bulgarian and it will be too hard for u to check , but generaly the random parts I compared so far doesnt go more than 5% cheeper than what I gave u

    If I buy some cheap hdd and sell the hole pc ... I probably wont get more than 250bg . Its kind of pointless .. it might be better to keep it for playing video on the TV in the other room :/
  7. need4speeds said:
    Is your dvdrw sata or ide? is your samsung 1tb sata or ide? (ide is the wide ribbon cable).
    Most of the new boards no longer have ide plugs on them.

    they are both sata
  8. I have one othe plan in mind but im not sure if it will work . My cousin is coming from USA in 2 mounths and I was thinking if he buyes asus gtx670 from there ... I heard that asus had some kind of international warent , woud it work here in some asus realted shop or something
  9. http://www.ccb-bg.com/item.aspx?id=45825
    SAPPHIRE HD7850 2GB GDDR5 Price: 494 лева

    ATHLON II X4 651K /FM1/BOX Price: 203 лева
    Basically a A6-3650 apu but lacks the video card shaders that you don't need anyway, its a quad core clocked at 3.0ghz with a unlocked multi. They usually overclock to 3.5ghz.

    GB A75M-S2V /AMD A75/FM1 Price: 120 лева
    A budget Fm1 crossfire board from gigabyte..

    2X2G DDR3 1600 KINGST XMP Price: 56 лева

    PSU SEASONIC SS-650AM BRONZE Price: 225 лева
    (if you plan on running crossfire someday)

    PSU SEASONIC SS-520GB BRONZE Price: 146 лева
    (enough for a single card, or two power efficient cards like the hd-6850)

    Alternate cpu/video card build.....

    SAPPHIRE HD7950 3G GD5 OC FULL Price: 818 лева

    I5-2500K /3.3G/6MB/BOX/LGA1155 Price: 468 лева
    (they usually overclock to about 4.3ghz, and are faster even at the same clock as the athlonII 651K, you need this is you go above a hd-7850 or the system will be cpu-limited.)

    GIGABYTE GA-Z77-DS3H GB Z77-DS3H /Z77/LGA1155 Price: 212 лева
    (remember with intel make sure the chipset says "Z" in front of it, like Z68, Z77 as the cheaper chipsets wont let you overclock that i5-2500K)

    You need a aftermarket cool like this one..(with either the i5-2500k or athlonII 651K)
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler

    You might want to keep your current case, hdd, dvdrw, if you can...
  10. Your current "Bluestorm II 500W" should power the athlonII 651K/hd-6850 setup since it's fairly power efficient.

    If some other sites have a antec 650 or corsair 600 for less those brands are also good.
    Stick with antec, corsair, ocz, seasonic, silverstone for power supplies as the cheaper brands often fail or don't put out what they claim.
  11. A third option might be putting a coolermaster hyper 212 evo or similar large cpu cooler on your existing core2 E8500 and overclocking it as far as it will go...


    "I ended up with the E8500 at 455FSB x 9.5 multiplier for the speed I obtained with a voltage increase to 1.45v. At 4.322GHz"

    A card like the hd-7850 should do ok with a faster clocked dual core..
  12. I was thinking ... that I will probably play diablo and gw2 mainly for at least half year and they are procesor heavy games . woudnt it be better to get the best cpu/mb psu case that i can afford and the cheepest videocard that will run theese 2 game perfectly and down the road upgrade the videcard , or use the old one if there no cheap video cards that will be significant improvements to this games over the HD4850
  13. The hd-4850 is actually pretty good..

    It is a power hog compared with new cards however.

    It is about the same as a hd-7750.

    No there are no cheap video cards out today that beat the old hd-4850.
    The first card to be a big upgrade would be the hd-7850 which is about three times as fast. The hd-7770 is a bit faster but not much of a upgrade from the hd-4850. Two hd-4850's running crossfire would still beat a single hd-7770. But you need a big power supply to run them because they do use alot of power.

    Buying a new cpu cooler and simply overclocking your existing cpu is by far the cheapest option. That core2 E8500 was known to be a good overclocker.

    The card can be overclocked by 50mhz to 675mhz but watch out because they overheat easy.

    Adding extra case fans is fairly cheap to do and should keep things cooler.

    I am pretty sure diablo 3 and guildwars 2 will run on the system you have now with some overclocking.

    If you absolutely need a quad core for your server, the budget athlon 651K is still a quad core that is about twice as fast as your current cpu. It also uses less power. It would work ok with your existing hd-4850 and have more cpu cores to allow your servers to run in the background.

    Maybe just sell your cpu+board+cooler+mem used to help pay for the board+cpu+cooler+mem upgrade..

    Later on you could upgrade the card. Later on cheaper hd-7850's will come out and maybe a comparable hd-8770 or something when the new gpu line comes out. There might be a budget geforce 660 coming out too.

    The intel cpu and boards do seem really expensive there.
  14. If you do get a athlon 651K.

    To get your existing hdd and windows to boot up, enable "ide mode" for the sata in the bios first. Windows xp lacks support for the new sata modes on the new boards.

    On gigabyte boards there will be a error message "enable ahci mode" select ignore. On gigabyte boards you must disable this mode in the bios first, on asus its called "ide mode".

    If it wont boot, don't give up and wipe your hdd, google it from a friends computer, you should be able to boot up your existing windows install.

    Windows should boot up and then you can install amd's catalyst chipset drivers, then the video drivers, realtek drivers. Make sure you download the newest ones and don't use the outdated ones that come on the motherboard disk.
    It's called vision for windows 7.
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