Computer keeps shutting off after turning it on

My Pc was getting overheated easily so I decided to remove the heatsink and clean it and after getting the work done and turning it on it shut off after sometime. I don't know the cause.
The fan works.
I have put heatsink properly.
The CPU temp reading ranges from (52C to 82C)

I tried to monitor it from bios until it shuts off but the temp didn't go up and in the next try I notice it has gone up 30C

Is it really overheating problem or something else can cause this?
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  1. Which processor are you using? Also which HSF (heatsink/fan)?

    If this is an Intel® stock HSF I would check to make sure it is seated well by reaching in and seeing if you can pull any of the 4 twist clips straight up. If you can pull any of them up then it wasn't seated well and you need to reseat it.
  2. I am using the stock. It is well seated. I can't pull any of them.
  3. Did you by any chance forget to apply thermal paste?
  4. Hopefully you did not try to reuse the Thermal Paste
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