AMD Radeon HD 6670 Crashing?

I had an on board video graphics card and was into gaming. I had some spare cash and straight ahead went to Fry's Electronics and got myself a Diamond AMD Radeon HD 6670 GDDR3 2GB. I had Skyrim installed and it automatically set the settings for my GPU. I first experienced a crash and the so-called "BSOD" appeared. It automatically rebooted and I restarted Skyrim. It worked! But halfway through the introduction while I was on the wagon, it crashed yet again. The screen was filled with gray and black stripes and was flashing. I still heard the gameplay sound on a loop and the BSOD appeared again. I tried again with lower resolution and it reoccurred. I'm wondering what was the complication, my desktop being unable to handle it, bad copy of Skyrim, GPU is damaged, bad drivers, etc., but I had installed it carefully even with the anti-static wristband. I also removed the integrated graphic's driver. I didn't use the CD's drivers, I downloaded it online. I suppose that my 350W (286.4W) and AMD Athlon II X2 220 2.8GHz aren't bottlenecking? If you got a single clue about this, be sure to reply to this thread. I'm also obliged to give out any more information if possible. In the meantime, I'll try out some other games to check if I receive the same issue and know my copy of Skyrim is damaged, etc.

Edit: Solved. I went on and saw the reviews, they received the same problems, freezing and BSOD. The brand is ***, drivers suck dick. I'm an idiot for not checking reviews. I was planning on getting the ASUS low-profile one in BestBuy, but none on stock. Went to Fry's Electronics and just saw Radeon HD 6670, picked it up and went. I didn't know about Diamond, thought it was fancy and high-quality. Turns out it's complete ***. The worst part is, Fry's Electronics is a half-hour drive (Concord,CA)... Man am I so pissed...
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  1. A wise man learns from mistakes of others, a fool from his own. Knowledge is power.

    SORRY, couldn't resist, this is not what you need to hear right now :lol:

    I do feel sorry for you, i have a tendency to buy the worst gpu myself time after time, like the gtx 465 :cry: . . .

    Better luck with next one.
  2. Ok so, i bought the same 6670 radeon, and same issues. It crahsed every once in a while.
    But after getting very frustrated, i found a solution.

    So this is a trick, i doesnt not solve like the core problem, but it will definately help ya a lot!

    SOLUTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------ SOLUTION:
    Go to ur AMD Catalyst Control Center.
    Go to the Performance tab.
    Click Enable Graphics Overdirve.
    Put ur GPU clock setting to the minimum (500Mhz).

    Now go ahead an have fun!

    Btw, to check if it actually worked, change from minimum graphcis requirements to max graphcis requiremetns in the game that ur playing. Well this works for me, and I love it. Eventhough yeah... u dont get the most out of ur card. At least u can use it.

    If this works for ya, try to change the GPU value to maybe 550 mhz, and then to 600Mhz and so forth. Till before ur computer crashes again. GL!
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