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Hi all,

So in June I plan to build a gaming computer. Now the thing that has me going going crazy is choosing between AMD and Intel. (Note: I am 15, so please don't blame me on some stuff)

The reason some people is telling me to go with the Intel Core i5 is it's the best to go for gaming and I understand that. I will be playing games like CoD, Command And Conquer (Me and my Dad Co-Op (2 computers side by side)) and a few others, I just want to be playing games on at least medium settings and record some.

The reason I want to go with AMD is because I can get 8 cores for a good deal. :lol: That is because I take Web Design and Graphic Design so I want to be able to work on projects and do other stuff at home. I also do programming which i know doesn't require that much. The thing that will use the 8 cores the most is the animating software I use (Maya), and rendering videos in Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas.

So its a bit confusing which to choose as I will be using the computer for gaming, (Also recording videos with a Capture Card), Rendering etc. Mainly everything.

So what would be the best CPU for $200 (if you say Intel im going with i5)?

Already have between 20 different selections of builds that I make just out of boredem.
If theres anything else you need to know let me know, I have short term memory _-_ :pfff:
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  1. Firstly eat almonds as you're a programmer and work a lot on the PC. It'll help your memory.
    Secondly, my case is also similar to yours. I was confused between Intel and AMD. So the the 2 best in these categories are the FX 8350 and the i5-3570k. You need to choose between these two.

    Thirdly, I suggest wait for haswell which will be released in June this year or go for FX and later upgrade to a steamroller CPU which will hit the market in 2014. If you buy Ivy processor and wish to upgrade to haswell you'll have to get a new motherboard as it uses 1150 socket.

    The thing is:
    i5 Pros: Better single core performance Cons: Expensive than FX
    FX 8350 Pros: Better mutli-core performance,Cheaper then i5 Cons: single core performance not better than i5.

    Basically i5 gives similar performance in tasks and the FX-8350 is good at something bad at something; it is like a rollercoaster ride.
    So if I had to choose between an i5-3570k vs FX-8350, I'd choose the FX. that because I'm a renderer and the FX suits my needs.

    It just goes down to what you need; single core or multicore performance, and your brand preference.
    Haswell will benefit you most as you're gonna build it in june. But mind it, it will be expensive, you'll need a new motherboard and it'll take some time for the motherboard manufacturer's to get a decent motherboard out.
  2. If gaming was your only concern, then I would have recommended the i5-3470.

    However, since you are gonna be doing photo & video editing, you will benefit quite significantly by using FX-8350. This chip can reach almost near i7 levels of performance if the software can make use of all its 8 cores, for almost $120 less!!,3328-9.html,3328-12.html

    However, the drawback of the FX-8350 is that its individual cores are a bit weaker than the Intel cores, so things which use less cores will be affected, eg, Games, Audio encoding(like LAME, iTunes encoding) etc.,3328-10.html,3328-13.html,3328-14.html

    On the plus side however, the FX-8350 does have an unlocked multiplier for easy overclocking down the road if required, and it also allows you to upgrade to the future AMD Steamroller chips when they come out. [Intels next gen chips will use a different socket so the upgrade path is dead, however, you can still upgrade to a current generation i7 later].

    You could say that I'm generally biased towards AMD, but for this use case of yours, I'm sure most people would recommend the FX-8350.

    PS:- The AMD chip draws 125W power on full load, vs only 77W for the Intel chips, but whether that adds up to anything significant in the long run is the question. If you ask me, I don't think so.
  3. maybe u should look at these videos

    gaming -- amd
    rendering - i5 !

    i do rending and gaming both i own i5 and 8350 both !

    both does the job
  4. ^ I think you've got it backwards,
    gaming- i5
    rendering- FX
  5. Ah I see, Thanks I will just get a FX, but I am going to wait till june, as you cant really set everything up at the moment because it can change in 3 months. But as I do both, it just gets confusing so I was thinking of getting the FX-8120 (Yes 8 CORES) but I will compare the 8350.
    Also Gaming-i5

    Just do about the same, so it would be good to have the AMD processor and a good enough Graphics card for gaming.
    I also save money by going to MicroCenter as there is one about 30 minutes away from me.
    Whenever i go in, i just feel like yelling by looking at all the stuff O.o
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