Does anyone know how to improve gaming performance on the acer x1200?

I bought this computer awhile back and just recently purchased world of warcraft. The computer came preinstalled with an integrated geforce 8200. (not great I know) I just upgraded the card to a 9200 by upgrading the drivers. The computer runs wow great on the lower settings, however when I customize the graphical settings to a higher resolution, and detail effect I am noticing the framerate and movement to be more jerky and less smooth and fluid. I guessing that this is doue to a graphical limitaion.

I wanted to know if a geforce 8500 gt will work with this machine? I ask this question because in a youtube video tuturial the reviewer siad that it is compatable and will improve preformance. There is a hybrid sli slot for adding on third party cards. However somewhere else it was said that that card will not fit due to size limitaions. (it is a small machine)

bottom line is I just wanna play wow!!!
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  1. Your choice of discrete graphic cards is not much better than the integrated graphics. But your main issue with upgrading is the tiny 200W power supply the PC has. Before you can play modern games at a decent framerate and resolution, you need to upgrade the PSU. Btw, what resolution is your monitor. The higher the rez, the more card you need.

    You might get by with one of these HD 7750s with your 200W PSU. They only require about 55W from the +12V rail (4.6A).
    You could probably play WoW at 1440x900 or less comfortably. Maybe even 1680x1050 with limited settings.
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