Need Help; First Build Issues!

Hey guys I have been coming up with a build and I wanted to ask you guys because I am not sure all of the parts are compatible with each other. For example I do not know if the power supply will support everything like the dual graphics cards in SLI.

If you would be so kind to check it out and tell me if all of the parts are compatible here is the link:

If anything will not work or if you have any suggestions please reply as soon as you can because I sent my mom this link: and the parts are not compatible and I need to notify her before she orders the parts. :o .

Thank You For Your Help
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  1. The only serious incompatability is that the high heat-sinks, on your RAM, are likely to clash, with the cooler. Suggest you use CML, rather than CMZ.
    I noticed you have changed power suply, in second list. Personally, whilst 620w is sort of adequate, would prefer 750w. I would suggest Corsair HX750 modular PSU.
    The Noctua NH-D14 is a very good cooler. Confess I have no knowledge of the one you've picked.
    I take it you want the i7 processor, for photgraphic, or design work. You do appreciate it has absolutely no benefit, over i5-3570K, for gaming?
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