AMD Radeon 6670 Lag problems?

Just recently, I have been play Deus Ex: Human Revolution, DayZ, and Skyrim, and my system seems to pick up the habit of lagging. It has never done this, and I haven't done anything to it.

AMD FX-6100 Not OC'ed
MSi 970A-G46
8 Gb's RAM
Seagate 500Gb HDD
And the GPU.

I have dual monitors, but I don't think it'll matter.

And, I know there will be people that will say "Oh, its your faildozer CPU. Throw it out and get an i5/i7. It has NEVER lagged before. Playing skyrim on Ultra with no fps drops or choppiness. "
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  1. Assuming you are playing at 1080, the issue is your 6670. It can't handle games like skyrim on ultra at 1080.

    Replacing the CPU isn't a bad idea either:P
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