Ideas on $650ish budget gaming pc

okay so i'm posting this from my xbox and i don't wanna put my newegg login info in so i'm kinda just going by memory don't remember exactly what i had on the list. but i'm thinking something along the lines of this

$220ish i5 3570k
$70ish gskill 16gb ram package
$50ish psu (can't remember name or specs)
$60ish wd blue 500 gb hdd 6gb/s
$80 mobo (can't remember name or specs)
$40 case (can't remember name)
$20 asus cd/dvd burner
$100 Windows 8 pro

This isn't including graphics card or monitor (I will have a monitor, and i'm going to be saving up for a graphics card after purchasing this setup)
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  1. If you want anyone to take your question seriously, I'd actually put down the parts so that we know what to improve off of. And if you don't give us ANY information about what it will be used for, there is nothing we can help.

    So please fill this out.
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