Windows 7 only boots on restart

Hi, I built my first CPU about 9 months ago, and it has been working great for 8 of those months. Just recently my CPU has had trouble booting windows on start-up, at first maybe once a week, but now every time I start-up the CPU I am forced to press the restart button for windows to boot.

To be more detailed: I start my computer. Then the Asus Mobo screen pops up. Next I would usually see a screen saying "starting windows" but instead I just get a black screen with a blinking cursor/place holder(not sure what it's called) in the top left corner. Then I press the restart button and windows 7 boots fine.

Any ideas what's happening here?
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    Do you have any USB storage devices plugged in to the computer (ie external hard drive, usb thumb drive, etc.)?
  2. Yeah, do you think it's trying to boot one of them first? I looked at my BIOS and the boot sequence seemed correct. I'll try unplugging them all and see the result.
  3. its trying to boot from elsewhere
  4. Thanks guys, that fixed it.
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  6. You are very welcome!
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