I have a broken cpu pin (completely broke off)

Ok so a couple months ago when i was buying parts for my first rig i broke a pin off of an AMD FX 8120 8-Core black edition. i have a stand in processor right now (FX- 4100) and if AT ALL possible i would like to see if my broken processor would work so i dont have to drop another 200 dollars on a new processor.

TL;DR- Broke a pin off my cpu (w/ the arrow at the upper right hand corner, pin side, the broken pin is the fifth pin from the left on the very bottom row)

If anyone can provide a link to a pin layout map that would be awesome, also, im open to sketchy ghetto-fied fixes.
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  1. Send it back to AMD, it is under warranty.

    Even if the system boots with the broken pin, it may be highly unstable and will most likely crash on a regular basis. You cannot repair the pin.
  2. Check the pin map for it CPU and figure out what pin broke off because not all the pins are used.
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