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I5 3470 normal temperature

Hey everyone, I've just bulit a PC with i5 3470. But its readings are a bit high in my opinion (considering the hottest core): Idle 55~60 Gaming 60~65. The GPU (gtx660) and HD reading are ok, 35 and 33 respectively.
Is around 30 where I live now, but I'll buy a cooler to be safer.
My question is: Is better buy a cooler like a hyper 212 or just replacing the stock cooler would be ok ? Is it ok using it one or two months before buy a cooler?
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  1. Did you add any heatsink paste onto the stock cooler?
  2. Because, if not, that could be the problem. If you did, then there could be air pockets preventing the heat from escaping the paste. I'd suggest going into the BIOS and, if you can, lowering the voltage a smidge, or turning the cpu fan to always on 100% if you can't.
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    If ambient temperature in your house is around 30c then 50-65c seems to okay to me.
    I don't think you need an cooler right now. Unless temp rises to 75c> you are fine.
    If you still want an air cooler then go ahead and buy one ! Until stock cooler will do fine

    P.S = Forget to mention that Intel desktop processors are very reliable and they can go as high as 100c. Don't worry.
  4. Chairman's right. If you want to strive for lowest possible temps, then go ahead and do what I said, otherwise, don't sweat it. :)
  5. Actually, I asked someone to do it cause i'm not that confident to do.
    It's quite hot right now in my country, I'll wait a while..
    I can trun my cpu fan to 100% at least in these days :)

    Thanks you guys!
  6. Make sure to choose best answer. And thanks ;) Best of luck!
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