My computer doesn't see my VGA...?

It says that I have a standard VGA graphics adapter. However, the AMD Radeon 7750 is working (my screen is plugged in and working, the fan is spinning)

I tried to update the drivers with the disk they included, but whenever I try to update them:

1) the computer starts stalling immensely and shuts off.
2) If I do finish the whole process it says that it couldn't identify my VGA.

What could be the problem here?
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  1. Don't install the drivers from the disc they include, it's usually out of date and causes problems. It's best to download them from AMDs' site.
  2. Download the most recent drivers, make sure you completely uninstalled any previous drivers and try again.
  3. if it a new pc or new install of windows you have to install the mb chipset drivers first. most video cards when the driver is installed if the system is working right will blink out for a min or two and come back.
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