Wanna upgrade for playing a 1080p big screen TV in HDMI

So i bought a Computer and played it on a 1440 by 900 computer monitor then i bought a big HDMI Emerson 39inch TV
that i really like to do all my computer gameing on its got 1080p rez of 1920 by 1080
I play bf3 and crysis 2 and lots of other games but those two seem to lag a little the most

these are my computer specs iam just wondering how much money or work its going to be to upgrade and is the hardware iam thinkin about getting going to do a excellent job on playing on my 39inch 1920 by 1080p rez

Computer Spec
Computer Case Azza 301 Teledo
Video Card radeon hd 7850 gigybte factory over clock of 975 2gbs or video ram
mother board AsRock z77 pro3
ram 8gbs of G.SKill ram
harddrive is 500gbs 7500rpms
windows 7 64bit
600 watt corsiar CX600 builder
i have back fan front fan 2 fans at the top of the tower
all 120mm i do think
CPU i5 3570k 3.4ghz
CPU cooler Hyper 212 pluss

What i want to get to inprove for better fps or as good fps as old monitor

radeon hd 7970 gigbyte oc 1GhZ version

New Power supply i assume i will need to get a 800watt one or better one than 600watt
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  1. 600W is enough for any single-GPU system. I'd sell the 7850 and get a 7950 or 7970. Or you could get a second 7850, though that would be pushing the PSU and the motherboard IIRC can only do 3.0x16/2.0x4 CF, which would be a bit of a bandwidth bottleneck. Might work though.
  2. That system should be fine for 1080p gaming. Remember that the physical size of the display doesn't matter, just the resolution.

    Only worthwhile upgrade would be a stronger GPU, and 7970 Ghz is about the best you can get. Go for the Sapphire Vapor-X 3GB if you can find it in stock, though the Gigabyte and MSI cards are all good.

    That 600W supply will hold the system just fine.
  3. A 7850 would be fine at 1080p. TVs are not meant for PC gaming and can have input lag and generally do not look as good. Emersons not real high up there either. Might want to borrow a friends monitor and make sure it's not the TV first.
  4. ya
    ive herd about the input lag and was also cerious about the quality and colour from the monitor

    but ive been playing an Acer 1440by 900 rez 21inch for the longest time
    i wanted the TV just for watchin netflix and bluerays or DVDs when i get a blue ray player

    but when i pluged it in i tryed out some games and there very good no input lagg no bad colour great looking
    to the point i hate going back to the 1440 by 900 acer monitor
    i only wanna play on my new 39inch emerson 1920by 1080p HDMI
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