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Nvidia drivers can\'t boot

I am using a Dell Inspiron 1720. It failed a few days ago and wouldn't get past the boot screen and I performed a format and reinstallation of Windows 7.

After much troubleshooting and issues I have found that if I load any type of Video Drivers (for my GeForce 8600M GT) I cannot load windows without going to safe mode. I currently have no updated graphics drivers and run off whatever from the install.

Is there a solution to this?

I tried a beta version of of the drivers, latest one. And an older version, 2011 December of the Nvidia drivers and both failed. Does it simply mean my graphics card has failed, or do I need to update something somewhere else?
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    ok so I am the perfect person to answer this question sister had this laptop and this exact issue happened to her...the problem is the terrible design by dell...what happened was the gpu got so hot that it partially de-soldered itself from the motherboard....there really is nothing you can do to fix could try tearing the laptop completely apart and take an empty tea candle thing and fill it partially with rubbing alcohol and light it on fire on top of the gpu to attempt to resolder the gpu back to the board...(this will prolly never work haha I tried it and failed miserably).....the only thing you can do to make the laptop usable is either boot into safe mode everytime and work from there or uninstall the graphics drivers from windows and prevent windows from installing drivers for it (making it an unidentified vga device) this will allow you to boot into regular windows and use the laptop like normal but without any gpu acceleration....the problem is as soon as you put a load on the gpu it will fail so by having drivers installed it uses the gpu and causes the system to crash so without the drivers there is no usage and the laptop will function....without the drivers you will have no gpu acceleration no windows aero and low res but it will work
  2. its really a matter of time before you get sick of it and get a new laptop...the same thing happened with my sisters laptop she lived with it for a while without the drivers but eventually enough was enough and she got a new I took the opportunity to mess with it and tear it apart ahah
  3. Drums is probably right but you can try installing service pack 1 if you don't already have it. Lots of newer Win7 drivers crash Win7 installs when SP1 isn't loaded. Worth a shot I think!
  4. haha I laughed out loud when I read this post...I was like no way! also to the OP does your i and e keys on your keyboard act funny? on my sisters laptop she would press either the i or e key and it would magically press the she would hit i and on screen ie would show up and vice versa....thats bc its right above where the over heating gpu is
  5. drums101 said:
    haha I laughed out loud when I read this post...I was like no way! also to the OP does your i and e keys on your keyboard act funny? on my sisters laptop she would press either the i or e key and it would magically press the she would hit i and on screen ie would show up and vice versa....thats bc its right above where the over heating gpu is

    You may not have ever seen what I am describing before but I can give you specific computer models and corresponding driver versions that will boot to a blue screen. Taking the driver in question out or installing SP1 will fix the problem.

    Just because you haven't seen something before doesn't mean you have to be insulting. If you have experience in computer repair you should (hopefully) realize that there is often more than one possible cause for a problem and your first diagnosis/fix isn't always the best one. I gave your idea props and I gave him something else to try that I have seen work seven or eight times in the last year when doing similar Win7 reinstalls.

    I hope you can learn to be a little less obnoxious and dismissive with other responders ideas even if you don't agree with them.
  6. I think there is some miss communication haha I laughed out loud when I read this post was not directed at you was directed to the original post I was adding on to my first post..I apologize for not being clear about that I didnt in any way mean to put your idea down...I definitely agree with what you said as with everything in life it is not always as it seems and it could be a completely different issue than I think....I appreciate you not getting worked up about it you took a very mature approach and I respect that. again sorry for the misunderstanding I hope I made it clear what my true intentions were
  7. Thanks for the explanation! I appreciate you taking the time to do that and I am sorry I misconstrued your intentions.
  8. no problem I re-read my post after you commented back and was like oh crap that does seem really conceited and demeaning I should probably clarify
  9. To drums101.
    I never had the keys switch like that, did have to replace the keyboard on the laptop because a few of them got tired of working unless I hit them at full force though.

    First time it happened I gave up figuring out what was wrong and formatted (after going in safe mode and transferring files off). After about a day and a half (I was drinking since I live by a computer and had to use my toaster to connect to the internet) I finally figured out that the drivers were causing the issue so I just don't have it install any. I may try opening it up and seeing what's up inside, doubt I will get anywhere. Been awhile since I've been inside the thing but highly doubt it is something I can simply see and solder my self I am guessing.

    Was hoping this stupid thing would last a few more weeks, wasn't planning on ordering a new computer until next month. But I guess the timing isn't completely horrible since it still works, just know no games can run on it.

    At benji720.
    I have windows 7 completely updated, minus the drivers for the video card.

    Thanks for the help. At least I know I can't really fix it. I may try soldering stuff once I replace it just for fun.
  10. yea i would mess with it once you replace it for fun for sure......but you pretty much did all you can do with this problem...uninstall the video card drivers and live with it until you get a new laptop good luck man
  11. Which is sad, I wanted to take apart the laptop and make it more of an emulation machine in some homemade box (with tons of cooling, it really does overheat quick).

    Wonder if I can find any decent way to figure out where the disconnect is. My toaster laptop will be an issue to do this with, I much preferred this one for it.

    But funny I found someone who knew of this issue, tried searching and finally ended up here.
  12. yea man I thought it was funny too..what are the chances? warning though the laptop is not the easiest to take have to remove the keyboard and work your way from the top down to get the cpu and gpu...pain in the butt
  13. Oh, I have opened this one up a few times. So no worries on that part. And I had forgotten how annoying it was last time I did it when the screen failed (this laptop has had its issues last 2 months).

    Currently running off half a laptop and a separate monitor, for future desktop.

    I will tear this thing apart in a few minutes once I have a new computer up and running and find that issue and set it on fire! I do wonder if there is a good way to go about fixing the graphics issue though.
  14. lol haha I did the tea candle thing not expecting it to come close to working....and it didnt that was my lame attempt lol..I bet if you put your mind to it you will be able to figure out a better way to try to fix it.
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