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HD7850 not being read

Hey guys :)

After recently installing a new motherboard, I have had some problems with my HD7850 GPU.

It is receiving power, but it is not getting read at all. I have tried installing the software many times. The power cord is definitely plugged in. It is seated in the slot correctly to what I believe. The DVI cable is connected to my motherboard, due to the fact that when I plug it into my GPU, no signal is received at all to the monitor.

My AMD Catalyst Centre program is also not running at all. I have reinstalled it, restarted my computer, got the latest version off of the web ect, and it just doesn't want to run.

It all worked correctly on my old motherboard as well. My model motherboard currently is the Z77 Extreme4.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. so are you able to boot into windows with the gpu plugged in and the monitor plugged into the gpu? or is the only way you get video from the onboard? if the second is the case then it sounds like there is something wrong with the motherboard bc as you said this problem didnt exist until you installed the new board....what you could try is to boot into the BIOS with the monitor plugged into the onboard then change the primary graphics adapter to PCIE or PEG (same thing) then reboot and plug the monitor into the gpu and see if you get video
  2. I can boot into windows with the GPU plugged in, but not when the monitor is plugged into the GPU. The monitor just remains black, so I am not sure what is happening behind the screen if that makes sense. And I shall try what you suggested in a couple of minutes and get back to you :) thanks heaps for replying
  3. yea no problem...when you boot into windows with the gpu in the system but the monitor hooked up to integrated does the dedicated gpu (7850) show up in device manager? If it doesnt then my fix should solve your problem it seems like your motherboard is just not set to use the dedicated card on the onboard
  4. BIOS is just the like.. start up menu for the mobo where you can overclock things, and choose booting options ect, isn't it? If it is, my primary graphics adapter is already set to PCI Express, but it says VT-d capability unsupported if that means anything.

    And when I go into device manager, there is nothing mentioning the HD7850
  5. VT-d shouldnt have an effect on could try removing the battery on the board for 30 seconds then try booting with the video really seems like the bios is just set to the onboard as default...are you sure its set to the setting PCI Express? you still have the old motherboard so you can check to make sure that the video card is not the problem here
  6. Okay, I have absolutely no idea what I did. This is how clueless and stupid I am, I just played with a random setting, and I'm not sure if it was for the better. I just tried changing my GPU to another PCIE slot, and I went into my BIOS settings, and I changed the 'PCEI2 Link Speed' to Gen 1.

    The monitor now only works if it is plugged into the GPU, which I am hoping is a good thing? hahahah
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    I think what the problem might be is the PCIE slot 1 is dead (the top slot)...try reverting the PCIE2 Link speed back to default and see if it works still....the setting you changed should not have had anything to do with solving the problem
  8. The only options I have are Auto and Gen1? Auto was default, should I go back to that?
  9. yep go back to auto and see if you can still get video from the card....this way we are isolating the changes so you only change one thing at a time (moving the card down a slot is the only change)
  10. Yeah, it works :D yay, hahah. So it was just most likely like a faulty PCIE slot?
  11. Yeah, I might get the store a call. Thanks a heap for your help man :) very greatly appreciated. I can play GW2 happily in a couple of hours now :D hahah
  12. yea that seems to be the issue...we know everything else works perfectly fine just not when the video card is in that slot....I would return the motherboard for a replacement if possible...all the slots should be working they gave you a faulty motherboard.
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  14. haha lol good luck with the return man I hope you get it all worked out...any other questions feel free to post em on here I will keep an eye on the thread.
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