New drivers sucks?

Hello guys :) can anyone help me?

My problem its, i used my Laptop for gaming (not high end games) i bought it in 2010, and i had no problem playing some games, but after i formatted it and installed the latest drivers, i cant play like before.. my FPS are too low, i dont know whats happening. i installed every driver (Latest Ones)
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  1. you need to give us more laptop make and model and gpu specs....since its a laptop make sure it is on the high performance setting in the power options and not balanced or power saver or something
  2. Toshiba L505- S5990
    Intel Core 2 Duo T6500
    3GB DDR2
    INTEL GMA 4500HD

    Thats the laptop im using
  3. did you check the power settings? also you can go into the intel control panel and change the settings to performance instead of quality.....the chipset you have is showing its age...its very likely that the latest drivers might not be the best in terms of performance.
  4. Yea everything its in performance Mode, also the power settings, :S i think its the drivers
  5. you can try and find olders ones there has to be archives somewhere
  6. Ill try to find them, ill reply in a bit to see what happened
  7. ok sounds good..goodluck
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