Stay with Benq xl2420t? no better alternative...?

I just bought a whole new machine, put it all together and even sprung for the 120hz gaming monitor. Well it turns out something about it just kind of urks me.

For start, i dont really care for the high matte finish, i never have lighting problems and something about the high gloss looks better to me, even on a 19 inch gateway that i have sitting here next to it. (although it doesnt compare in picture quality.)

The most bothersome part about this monitor to me, is that there seems to be this weird horizontal line patern thats like paper texture that i can see only when the screen is in 120hz mode AND "instant mode" is turned on, at least i think thats the parameters for producing the effect. Im not sure, im calling benq tomorrow and probably having this one replaced through tiger direct, that is unless i can find something better.

The only competition that i can find that still fits the 120hz parameter is the Asus VG236H and the Samsung 23A700D, although ive read things that the samsung wont work with a nvidia card or some crap? so idk.

In comparing reviews and just blatant tech specs, it seems like the benq should be the smartest choice of them all, mind you i dont use the 3d aspect and i probably never will. Idk sad part is i have no idea what it is like i havent seen the new generation of 3d at all, havent been to a movie theater in 6 years etc. Also,i have a tumor in the center of my brain that requires surgical intervention, so until then i suffer from alot of migraines and afterwards theres a possibility of issues like double vision and blurryness for a while until i heal so, i probably wont use it much at all.

All i really care about is image quality, refresh rate, and response times. I do see a slight "dullness" of color in the benq, and particularly the color banding in simple things like the windows defaul background so yeah... All in all it looks pretty good in things like Bf3 and even looked great with Avatar so i guess the color part isnt too bad. (just need to figure out a optimum calibration i suppose.) so if replacing the monitor could resolve the horizontal lines thing i think i could be happy,

although i do plan to use photoshop in the future, and idk how the color issues are going to affect me then, i guess when that becomes important i could probably do to pay a bit more than 400 for a good professional screen.

So, all that said, or more or less, ranted, is it even worth going from this to the asus or the samsung? i mean, will the color quality really make that much of a difference at all, noticeable even? thanks.
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  1. In my personal opinion the Samsung is the best for your needs. I have the monitor your talking about, and it's awesome. The Nvidia issues are only in relation to Nvidia's 3D Vision kits, as Samsung prefers to use DDD's Tri-Def 3D solution with their monitors and tvs. This monitor has it's own built in 3d hardware, and comes with glasses that work for that monitor, so the nvidia 3d vision kits don't work properly with this monitor. That said, the software that drives the 3D is compatible with AMD, Nvidia, and Intel graphics hardware. I have systems with Nvidia cards and AMD cards, and it works fine with both, even using DDD's Tri-Def 3D with the Nvidia card.

    If your still considering a different monitor, get the S23700D. It works great.
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