Shutdowns during gaming only

First off, I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong thread.

CM 690 II Advanced Case (5 exhaust, 2 intake fans @ 39.77 CFM each)
i5-3570K @ 3.4Ghz w/ CM Hyper N520 Heatsink
16 GBs DDR3 @ 1600Mhz (Patriot G3 series)
MSI Twin Frozr III R7870 @ 1050Mhz GPU Clock & 1200Mhz Mem. Clock
Raidmax 650W
Corsair Force 3 SSD w/ Windows 7 Profressional
Seagate Barracuda Slim 320 GB 7200rpm
2x 1920x1080 Monitors (1x 23.6" HDMI, 1x 21.5" DVI-I)

All components have been kept at stock values except for GPU fans which are clocked at 100%

So I've had my build up for about a two months now and it has been running quite well. Now, I purchased my GPU about 2 weeks after the initial build of my computer and experienced no problems until I started playing SWTOR. What typically happens is that I will be playing for a random amount of time and then my computer will freeze like I've received a BSOD but won't display any error on the screen, instead blacking out the screens and maintaining power to all fans, lights, and USB devices.

Upon checking my Event Viewer with no related errors and confirming this with Nirsoft Bluescreen Viewer, I decided to test whether or not my computer was overheating so I monitored my gameplay with both Speedfan v4.47 and CCC v12.3 (I dust the interior or my case and clean the filters about every 2 weeks, but I cleaned them again for my subsequent testing). All temperatures were normal (GPU fluctuating between 45-56c) during this, yet I still had another shutdown, again randomly at no distinct part of my session. Today I tested whether or not it was my graphics settings causing the issue (High, no AA and grass/tree/shadow texture off), so I reduced the graphics to 'Very Low'. The resulting temps were lower as you might expect, but this time my computer lagged then posted a 0x116 BSOD listing atikmag.sys as the issue. In response, I installed the driver provided with the disk.

I continued playing for another few hours after this when the original shutdown re-occurred, prompting me to run some more in-depth diagnostics. After running various tests, this is what I've recorded:

Temperature Tests (10 minutes):
GPU: MAX - 73c running FurMark v1.10.2 Burn-in Test @ 1920x1080 (temp recorded with Speedfan v4.47 & CCC v12.3)
CPU: MAX - 59c, 63c, 64c, 64c, 69c (Core #0 - #3 + Package) running Prime95 v25.11 B2 Blend Test (temp recorded with CPUID HWM v1.20)

PSU Diagnostic:
Normal Readings with Antec PSU Tester

Stress Test (Max 2 Hours):
Prime95 v25.1 B2: 59c, 63c, 64c, 64c, 71c (Core #0 - #3 + Package) !!BSOD 0x116 (atikmag.sys) @ 19:22!!
Memtest86+ v4.20: No errors at 1 hr (still in progress as of this writing)*
FurMark v1.10.2: N/A

I was a bit pissed off when I received a BSOD during Prime95, and it's something that I'm still going to look into when I'm done with Memtest86+. It's making me think that the earlier shutdowns were related to this, however the inconsistency between the BSOD showing and the screens going blank with no errors present in the event viewer and Bluescreen Viewer is throwing me for a loop. Part of me wants to say that there's also an issue with the PSU, but I just can't say for certain. Are there any ideas that you can throw my way to help me solve this issue?

*EDIT: Memtest86+ finished the 2 hour test with no issues. I'm going to continue running it for the time being because I'm heading to bed and I'm already this far.

EDIT2: Further Diagnostic results -
Memtest86+ v4.20: No Errors @ 9 hours
FurMark v1.10.2: Highest - 77, Average - 76 @ 2 hours (Temp recorded with SpeedFan v1.20 & CCC v12.3)
Prime95 v27.7 B2 Small FFT: 60c, 69c, 65c, 65c, 73c (Core #0 - #3 + Pacakge) @ 30 minutes (Temp recorded with CPUID HWM v1.20)

I recorded my temps while Playing SWTOR and they were considerably lower than my diagnostic tests. So that almost exclusively eliminates over-heating and stress on my machine, so I'm assuming failing hardware.
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  1. First off, remove all Overclocking done. I know to well even the slightest OC can BSOD a computer multiple times. I did Oc the gpu and fan only to get my pc crash and crash again. secondly it kinda sounds like a Graphics issue like some kind of incompatability. are you sure you have the correct drivers?
  2. I currently can't remove any fan settings due to running Memtest86+, however I will apply stock settings once I have an opportunity. And as stated in my original post, there are no overclocks of any type.

    The driver I have installed for my GPU was the one provided in my purchase of the card. At the time of my first actual BSOD, I had installed an updated version of the driver to no ill effects (at least no more ill effects). I apologize for not having the version of both original and updated drivers, though I've checked online for the updated version which lists it as 8.982, but I can't help but think this is not what I had installed. And thinking about it, what would be the likeliness that my issue is failing GPU hardware if I've run Memtest86+ with a) no memory errors and b) no screen blackouts? I'm thinking it's still quite likely, but it's a thought.

    And as a side note, I've double-checked the power requirements of my computer with Outervision PSU calculator and it rated my need at 372w, so my 650 is more than enough for what I'm running. Even after adding extra components such as a second identical GPU my PSU is sufficient.
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