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This may seem like a dumb question, especially coming from me since I typically answer questions on the forums.

I'm looking to pick up one of these here in a month or two:

And this monitor:
I currently have 2 older VGA monitors 1280x1024 max resolution. Looking to pick up a 1080p monitor to pair with the video card upgrade for my gaming needs. For my multi-tasking needs, I'm planning on keeping the VGA monitors, and running a tri-monitor setup. Although something has confused me and I can't seem to find a concise answer from looking around on Google. I was hoping someone here could answer it.

What confuses me:
The 7800 series as the same display configuration options as the 7900 series though, so while it can drive up to 6 monitors it can only drive 2 TMDS type displays at once, and if you want to drive a full 6 monitors you’ll need a MST hub.

So, obviously I need to run adapters for the 2 older VGA monitors, and the new 1080p monitor will use the HDMI port, but does that quote mean I need some sort of hub or something in order to power all 3 monitors? Again, I apologize if I'm coming accross as being stuck on stupid, but what adapters and hardware would be required to achieve what I'm looking to do? I'm assuming if no sort of hub thing is needed (which I can't seem to find in any store) I would need 2 VGA to mini Displayport adapters and nothing else?

Also, what is the difference between regular Sapphire 7870s and the Sapphire FleX? Does this come into play here?
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  1. ill answer a few of the questions.

    1. if i recall in eyefinity, the 3rd monitor must come from a active display adapter from one of the display ports(assuming you arent using a display port monitor)

    2. the difference between a normal sapphire card and the flex card is that sapphire designed the flex series so that you dont need a active display adapter to power 3 screens. it comes with it active built in.
  2. Thanks, that sort of explains it. Still wondering about the hub thing though.
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