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Which graphics card should i get?

I have a slimline desktop Gateway SX2802-07 specs here

I want to add a discrete graphics card so i can run games like LoL and TF2 and play it at maxed or ok settings since the integrated graphics will only run LoL at lowest settings.

It doesn't say in the link but the power supply is only 220 watts so i'm really limited to which card i can get. It only has 1 PCI-e 1.0 expansion slot so i'm not sure if PCI-e 2.0 or 2.1 would be compatible. Clearance shouldn't be too much of a problem there seems to be plenty of space as long as the card isn't too long like 11 inches.

Can anyone recommend which card i should get or if i should just stick with the integrated graphics? Getting a whole new computer is not an option by the way. thanks in advance.
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  1. Maybe a HD 7750 depending on how good that 220W is.

    Can you open your case and look at the psu for the amperes on the +12V rail ?
  2. try using a low profile 6670 or low profile 7750

    then again, i cant trust your "220w psu" as no inportant information was given about its quality or rails. wattage means nothing. I can give you an example of a 750w unit that exploded at 300w =X
  3. Thank you both for your quick responses i wasn't sure what exactly you needed so i'll just show a picture of the side of the psu

    quality should be good enough to read. i also found out that i need a low profile bracket to fit in the case so a card that comes with it would be nice.
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    I cant trust myself to say try a 7750 in this case. a low power consuming card would be the 6450, but its only slightly stronger than the integrated graphics inside laptop sandy bridge/i5-2500k/i7-2600k. though I can think the 6450 can run the games in question with lowest settings.
  5. Yep, 14A is really low. It might work, it might not, it might blow, who knows . . .
  6. just to be clear on my statement, I know my cousin uses the intel HD 3000 to play l4d2 and borderlands. Another cousin uses it to play LoL so I'm pretty confident even something as weak as a 6450 can get away with lowest settings.
  7. In that case i think my best option is to get a new case and a new psu also. thanks for the help
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