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CrossfireX 7850s Recording BF3


I built a system for playing BF3 with the msi overclocked (900Mhz) 2gb gpu and amd phenom x4 965 cpu at stock speeds (3.41gz). Monitor was 16:10 1440x900. I could record some stuff with msi afterburner at like 45fps average but minimums around 20fps. I wanted better so I bought another graphics card for crossfire and also another monitor for 1080p resolution and larger size. Now, I am still getting about the same performance with 2 cards @1080p. I expected MUCH better performance. (Crossfire 7850s are supposed to be better than a gtx 590). I have an 850w PSU which should be enough to power both cards.

QUESTION 1: Am I getting bottlenecked due to my CPU? QUESTION 2: Would overclocking my cpu vastly improve my frames? my 3dmark 11 GPU scores are 10000+. I was hoping that with the addition of another 7850, I could get 60+ fps while recording.

On a side note, I boot/play Bf3 from a 120gb ozc vertex 3 SSD and record to a 1TB 7200rpm HDD.

This is my first time experimenting with crossfire so thank you!
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    CPU bottleneck, OC and you should see an improvement.
  2. Thanks Ohmybad for the reply.

    My goal here is to be able to record at 60fps stable while playing @ 1080p and recording 720p. I have both fraps and msi afterburner, I'm wondering if there is anything else I can/need to do to be able to do this.

    Also I'd like to add that I have no AA on and play on lowest graphics settings other than resolution.

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