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Today is my sixteenth birthday, and one of the things that I had received was a Razer Tiamat 7.1 headset. After plugging everything in and changing my sound card settings so it's on 7.1, I still am having a problem. Others have also had this problem, but my sound card seems to handle things differently. I have a Realtek HD sound card, but I'm not sure if it is made to use things that run of off 7.1. Although, it had all of the ports in the back for this, the bass is at a very minimal state, were as my old X12s could blow this headset away. I'm looking for either a solution or a new sound card that I should buy. Thanks!
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    Realtek HD Sound card is a low end card(integrated) and it will not do a Tiamat justice, I'd look into a Xonar or Creative if you want the most out of your high end Tiamat.

    Also I believe most integrated are only capable of putting out 7.1/5.1 through the front panel, back panel audio is usually just standard AC97.
  2. Thank you for your answer. I'll start looking into a new sound card
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