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Gtx 660 ti for ultra gaming

hi friends plz tell me if gtx 660 ti would be able to play on ultra @1920x1080 all games and upcoming games like codboops 2
core i5@stock
msi h61m p20
8gb 1333
gt 430
and i am currently getting 19 20 fps in bf3 with gt 430 wat will i get with 660ti plz reply thnx
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  1. GTX 660 Ti would max out most games at 1920x1080, including Battlfield 3 and CoD: Black Ops 2. However, it will not max out games like Witcher 2 or Metro 2033.
  2. y not metro
  3. It's too demanding.

    Max settings:
  4. only 22 fps
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    Metro is an extremely demanding game due to a few of it's graphical features, I wouldn't sweat it too much that your the card you want cannot max it out.

    If you can afford the extra 100$, the GTX 670 isn't a bad investment (nor are the AMD cards 7870, 7950,7970 in that price range); but I wouldn't stretch your budget too hard for it, no matter which card you choose, you will see a night and day difference over your gt 430.

    Keep in mind that your power supply needs to be powerful enough to support the card you do get; a GOOD 550W-600W PSU should be enough for the 660TI (
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  7. thnx for ur support friend
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