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I've been searching around for a while today and I've recently taken a notice of how my graphic cards are performing.

Here is my setup:
RAM: (One 4GB stick)
Graphics Cards: (Times two)

Testing Info:
GPU #0 Core /Mem = 500/598.5
GPU #1 Core /Mem = 749.3/846

^ Same shown in GPU-Z both also showing default speeds of 750/850 with only the 2nd card being "normal"

Furmark 1080 test
GPU 1 - 750/850 Max GPU temp 59C
GPU 2 - 750/850 Max GPU temp 59C
Res: 1920x1080 AA:0
min 14 max 14 avg 13

Furmark Burn-In Test (ATI Crossfire Xtension Serioussam.exe)
GPU 1 - 750/850
GPU 2 - 750/850
Res 1600x900
Max temp 67C
Run time: 4min
FPS: min 18 max 22 avg 19

MSI Afterburner only shows GPU1 with 100% load GPU 2 0% load. BOTH cards are shown in device manager!

I've gone and removed both cards, place one in the top slot and turned on the PC. Card A works, shows same 500/598 speeds. Card B works, also shows same information.

Placed both cards back into the system and uninstalled old drivers/ deleted all ATI folders. Then re-installed all new software WITHOUT allowing Win7 to auto install any drivers. Double checked and triple checked for Xfire to be enabled in CCC, which it has been as always.

No real idea why I'm having issues with this now as opposed to a year ago where I had both cards easily OC'd to higher values and sustaining much better performance than 25-35 FPS in a capital City on World Of Warcraft.

I'm going to continue to mess around with OC'ing and possibly rolling back my system prior to some Win7 updates and see if that makes any difference.

Yes I know I should replace them for something new but I'd really like to hold on to them and not spend any more money (which I really don't have to begin with)!

Help is much appreciated, please and thank you!!
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  1. SO after a long time trying to figure this out and no one i talked to even mentioning this...

    I disabled crossfire then re-enabled it and now both GPUs are working both with different load %s (but at least I know they are working!)
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