Gtx 670 and BF3 MP users plz respond.

I need some answer from user who play BF3 MP not SP using GTX 670.I play MP ultra msaa 2x,fxaa off.1600-900 res.I get 60 frames above all the time only drop when huge explosion happens right infront of me.But my problem is game feel very jerky and stuttery with vsync off.As soon as i turn vsync on it becomes really smooth.But it causes severe input lag.

Which is really not good becoz i play MP seriously not like a noob.What i did is that i enabled adaptive vsync and also capped my framerate to 60 using a command.This grealty reduces input lag and game remains smooth with some minor micro stuttering here and there.

But my question is why the game feels so jerks and stuttery with vsync off?no other game shows this.I mean yes other games also becomes less smooth with vsync off but none is as bad as bf3.Do you guys also get the same?

I clean installed my pc,instaled win7 service pack 1 still no go.

I am using the BETA driver.WHQL is same.

System is i5 3550 3.7ghz
zotac GTX 670 STOCK
Corsair vengence ram 8gb 1600mhz
Asus P8Z77-V

I get about 8600 to 800 in 3d amrk 11 graphics score.Which is about right i guess.

Also my card makes a slight noise when under load.I googled it it called coil whine by some.Noise not loud can only be heard when i bring my ear near my card.SHould i be worried?
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  1. Hello anyone?No one here plays BF3 mp WITH GTX 670?
  2. ok guys i found out what was the culprit.It was MSAA.i get smooth framerate with MSAA 2x enabled as long as i play in servers less than 50 people.IN 64PLYERS servers i have to turn MSAA off and now its smooth.
  3. why you dont overclock your card?
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