Disasembly case acer 3970 to replace dvd player

I need to replace dvd player in Acer 3970 and only one side comes off case. Dissasembly of other side seems like you have to take the front and top off to gain access . Can someone help
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    The other side panel should come off like the first - it just doesn't have a grasping point at the back. Unscrew the two screws at the back holding it on, slide it toward the rear. If it does not come off easily that way, it may not have to - the video linked below shows an Acer tower optical drive replacement where only the one side is removed.
    To swap out your optical drive, you will need to remove the front panel also. Some front panels have clips you'll need to release from the inside while some have posts and simply pull off toward the front (usually from the bottom), some have a combination of both. This video may be helpful
    Hope it helps
  2. Thanks

    Removing the front panel involved depressing 4 plastic pieces and gently lifting off the front panel. Then only 2 screws and the drive slid out the front.
  3. Curious, was that video at all helpful?
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