Need help choosing the right graphics card . [HELP]

My specs -

ASUS P5G41T-M LX Motherboard
Intel® Pentium® Processor E5400 2.70Ghz CPU
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
4GB Kingston DDR3 RAM
500GB WD Caviar Black

Need help buying a new graphics card below $200 .
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  1. Hmm. Your processor might block the full power of any good graphic card you buy. Anyway, I suggest you buy the Radeon HD 7850 :)

    Just $9 more :)
  2. Can you recommend any powerful LGA 775 processors ?
  3. The Core 2 Extreme is the best one out there :)
  4. Okay . Thanks ! ((:
  5. arzbhatia

    The Core 2 Extreme is the best one out there :)

    arzbhatia is correct the Extreme Models are the best of the 775 cpu's, however, a G0 tepping q6600 are readily available on ebay, and are great overclockers, if you can go that route.Not sure if your mo-bo has many overclocking options though. My G0 is steady at 3.0ghz and with a 560ti I can run all games bar BF3 maxed out. BF3 is on high at 16 x 10 and I'm happy with it. (Naturally my system is holding me back) I will be atempting to sqeeuze more out of my G0 Stepped Q6600, because I can't afford a system upgrade right now.

    Anyway, for your original question, anything above a 5 series NVidia Card or maybe 6850/6870 ATI, your exisiting processor is prob gonna hold you back. Try overclocking it a little, and with a newer card, you will see an improvement in games, thats for sure.
  6. 7850

    website with performance benchmark and cost data. FYI: you can usually get a better price than this website shows, but it's a good ref.

    GL !
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