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Couple of days ago i picked up my second copy of windows7 home premium . I installed it on my desktop machine as i was satisfied with my first installation on the laptop.
Only within hours of authorizing all the challenge response software[almost about 30 of them] the horror unfolded.. My machine was glitching and sputtering audio[which happens when the computer is low on processing or memory ]. I checked out my task manager .. only to realize that it shows only four cores of my dual quad core setup !.
then it was a long road down to find the rouge element .. i thought it was the BIOS or maybe one of my processors has malfunctioned..
after hours of research on the internet .. thru tech forums .. i figured out.. W7 home premium only runs one physical processor !

So i decided..
Let me go to the Windows anytime upgrade application and just buy the upgrade..
but no!. WAU is only available for US europe and AUS ! not for India .it said contact your local dealer.

i called microsoft tech support.. after putting me hold for about five min.. the C>Care rep says.. sorry sir you cannot run W7 HPre. on dual processor systems.. which i had told her almost five mins before she threw the same ball back at me... i asked her if there is a way i can upgrade.. she says.. we shall soon launch the W7 anytime upgrade program ..but how soon.. she could not promise..!

Next step.. call up my local reseller CROMA . Croma puts me thru their microsoft redis. dept. The call back from their dept. was swift. the guy said he needed to speak to a superior so he said that he would revert in a day .. which is did.. but the answer was.. Sorry sir we cannot offer u an anytime upgrade or a replacement.When i said i don't mind returning the W7HP cd ..
upgrade it in front of their rep .. he said .. sorry sir not possible.. on top of it .. he never let me speak to his boss as well !

Now here is my question.
When i went on the W7 versions official page.. it had not mentioned anything about this . it only compares stupid things like BIT LOCKER APP and DATA Backup utils.. no hardware comparision chart..
Their upgrade assistant does not supply this info as well.
There is no easy way to get this info from the microsoft website .. So how in the heavens was i supposed to know that i should have bought Business or ultimate version in the first place. [and as it adds unnecessary bloat by offering lame extra apps i thought i should stick to a slimmer home premium version]
On top of it .. Microsoft decided i was not fit for an upgrade and expects me to whop up another 10k and buy the business version.
Their service support is like robots programmed to reapeat a set of instructions .

i think if this would have been the case in US or Europe... the *** would have hit the fan by now.. but guess what..this is INDIA>. i guess they still think we are a third world country so this third class customer care .

i request CHip to verify the credibility of my claims and if they think it holds any water.. publish my letter in their mag and let other computer enthus see how Bill gates looks at us .
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  1. That has ALWAYS been the case with Windows. You have to buy Pro versions to support more than one physical processor. This has been the case since the Win 9x / NT days... and was a big difference between Windows XP Home and Pro. MS doesn't publish this as a feature anymore simply because most users don't have more than one physical processor... that's usually reserved for servers and high-end workstations that come with an OS already.

    Bottom line... it sucks that the upgrade program isn't available in your area... but you should have known ahead of time that Home versions of Windows do NOT support more than one physical processor. If you are ever in doubt, Google it.
  2. Hi zoron.
    But isn't it strange that the Microsoft upgrade adviser gives a detailed report on the software and drivers that won't run on computer but not for the processor ?

    As far as MS simply not publishing 2 processor info goes.. they don't bother doing this with their EULA ?? Maybe they should also assume that end users should have learned the EULA and they should stop publishing it andt not make us click on i agree ??Honestly i don't take that point in MS's defense .

    MS should not be arrogant enough to assume that every user has been a MS loyalist since XP days .

    As far as Google is concerned ..only a few forum threads pop up on this issue .. no Microsoft official knowledge base article comes up.
    And why cannot they add this info in the Version description,why should i have to read up this kind of info on third party forums and website .. isn't this supposed to be put up on the official site ? try searching processor compatibility on the Microsoft website.. and the results on the first page !

    I deal with smaller software companies who in such situations helped me out with leniency in the past .Its these Giants who don't care about this one time cases and due to our consumer protection laws so lame .. choose to treat us like this.
  3. I didn't search processor compatibility on the website... but I did search Windows 7 physical processor support and this is what came up:

    Microsoft Answers is the place to be...

    I've always known that Home versions of Windows never support more than one physical processor... that is something that will never change. You're correct in pointing out that perhaps MS should mention it a bit more clearly on their website; however a little more research would have helped you get the right version the first time. Dual and quad-core CPUs have almost totally negated the need for more than one physical processor in anything but high-end servers... which is probably the main reason MS doesn't mention it in their features comparison.

    Always remember, Home versions only support one physical processor. This will be the case for as long as MS puts out Home, Pro and Ultimate versions.
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