Graphics Card Not Being Recognized by W7

Hey guys,

I recently got a pair of EVGA 260 graphics cards and they both worked great for a month. I moved places today and when I set up my PC again and started it up, one of the cards wasn't recognized anymore. Fan works so it's getting power but it isn't being recognized. I have a 900 w PSU btw. I took out the working Graphics Card and moved the non working card between three different PCI slots but no luck, but I did rule out a motherboard issue (EVGA X58). I made sure the driver was up to date and it is. I don't know what I could do within the BIOS, I clicked a bunch of random options but nothing worked. I can't list what those options were exactly, I've since reset all BIOS settings to default which didn't help either. Any suggestions would help. Thanks.

Additional Info: I don't have another PC to test this on so this on unfortunately. I live in rural place so no computer shops around here either. So suggestions of using other PCs won't be helpful I'm afraid.
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  1. dont get afraid just do waht i say check the the both cards are properly plug in to mobo also check power cable both cards must need power cable check sli cable if it loose insert properly please also check the driver must have show sli mode on or u can check it through by gpuz screenshot check sli box
  2. Thanks monu for advice.

    I already reinstalled the card into the motherboard about 10 times, with and without the other card and no luck. Tried it in every slot too. Tried both sets of power cables and no luck either. I don't have them connected via SLI because I'm running a 3 monitor set up but I did test it with the SLI cable and it still didn't work. I'm pretty convinced this card is dead :-(
  3. try both card at once if the both are display that u dont need rma
  4. Can you see bios through the card you're suspecting is dead?
  5. Very strange. I just decided to give up on the card but today the card just suddenly came to life. I didn't pull it out of the MB and today when I was working the monitor that was plugged into it turned on. I wonder what is going on but for now the card is alive.
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