Building a new PC this december(2012) or late january 2013

First of all , :bounce:

Hello to every one this is my very first post on this form wanted to do this for a very long time but couldnt quite commit to it. The reason for this post is that im
building a new PC mainly for gaming and i got about 1400 euros wich translates to somewhere around 1800 US dollars :) . Im upgrading my ANTIQUE old system wich i am utterly disgusted to look at ( Athlon 64x2, geforce 9500 GT with 512 mb of ramn and some other pretty nasty stuff :( )
Now then I live in Romania so some of the prices for components may differ due to transport taxes and what not (also pardon me if my english is a bit sloppy at sometimes), im thinkin about going with this build

CPU : core I7 3820 (thinking of going with x79 not because i plan to upgrade somewhere in the very near future to a hex core but because from what i see IVY-E will be socket 2011 if i do plan to upgrade at some point)

Motherboard : Asus P9X79 pro or MSI gd65-8d
(in Romania they are priced about the same the MSi is a bit more expensive but somwhere about 50$, i like the black/blue theme of the boards. the auto overclock feature since im not that experienced with overclocking yet, but i am planning to learn eventualy, and they both seem pretty sturdy)

GPU : Asus GTX680 DCU2 TOP (this one is the heart of my pc, from the reviews i read and the benches i've seen this thing can destroy pretty much anything you throw at it, i will go SLI somewhere in the future if the opportunity presents itself but untill then i will run one of them)

Ram : 16 GB corsair Vengeance 1600MhZ Ram (blue ones for the looks :D)

SSD: Corsair Force GT 120GB ( for the boot drive and 1 or 2 games,)

HDD : 1 TB Western digital Caviar black, sata 3, 7200rpm , 64mb cache (storage purposes)

Case: Therlmaltake Chaser MK-1 ( i reallllllly love this thing its big it has 4 200mm fans, I will buy 2 extra ones for the slots , and it really fits the look im going for)

PSU : Corsair GS800 ( pretty decent PSU im not bothered by it not beeing modular i can rout the cables around the back of the case very easily , 80+ bronze , killer look)

CPU Cooler : Corsair H100 ( from what i read you cant go wrong with this thing)

And that pretty much covers my PC build, i welcome and will consider every single suggestion you guys make, and im open to any , i have pointed out some of the reasons for each of my choices . The budget for the build will be as i said around 1800 but if need be i could squeeze some extra $$ from my other accessories wich i plan on getting

Also i will be getting some new gear for the pc

Monitor : Benq GL2450 , or a GW if i snipe one for black friday xD
Keyboard: Black widow ultimate 2013 (yep, im a razer nerd)
Mouse : Naga 2012 ( i have the old one and love it, i play WoW, GW2, LoL and other games and it fits me perfectly)

Theese last additions will be bought separately, i also would love some coments on them and advices if you guys have any i will consider them.

The total cost of my purchase will be around 1650 Euros with all the stuff wich translates to somewher arounde 2150 US dollars :bounce:

Accessories --350$

Thank you for reading my post and i am looking forward to any and all suggestions
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  1. it makes more sense to ask in december since prices change

    now to the component choices

    -x79 will not help you in games. a i5 3570k will perform better actually since games like more powerful threads as opposed to many threads
    -id suggest getting a asrock z77 extreme4 motherboard for the i5 3570k. if you want more features, the gigabyte z77x-ud5h or the asus z77-v pro are also great choices
    -everything goes wrong with a h100. either you go full custom watercooling or go with a good heatsink like the noctua nh-d14
    -the ocz vertex 4 128gb is a much better choice. much faster and a bit more reliable since it is based off of marvel hardware
    -and no. the 680 is a terrible value and the directcu2 top is unncessarly big. you are better off with a 7970ghz edition or a gtx 670 power edition from msi. a 7970 performs better than both the 670 and the 680. if you want a nvidia card, you are better off with a gtx670 since it performs so close to a 680 while being so much cheaper
    -i personally go seagate but WD is good as well
    -you are better off with something like a benq XL2420T so you can enjoy the speed boost provided by the 7970 or the gtx 670s
    -razer makes ratherly low quality keyboards. you are better off with something like a corsair k60 or k90 keyboard or a coolermaster storm trigger if you can find it in Romania. much better built and will last longer
    -i personally dont like MMO mice but go ahead
  2. wait till 1-3 weeks till your ready to buy before asking, by the time your ready to build prices will have changed and new products may have come out.
  3. z77 does seem apealing true , and isnt the i5 3570k + z77 extreme 4 a bit low for a 1800$ build? im not interested in saving the money, im putting all of it in the build, so it doesnt really matter if a compponent is cheaper, so how will the 3770k fair for example against the 3820 , the fact that it is a K series definetly means that overclocking it will beat the 3820 no problem , and i know about the price gap between the gtx 680 and the 670 , most ppl say that 100$ is not worth the extra performance but you can overclock a 680 especialy the direct CU, the size of it does not bother me at all, and yes I much rather prefer Nvidia to Amd,

    Thank you for the suggestion, got any more? :D
  4. it is "low " but it performs better than a i7 in games. spending more money and getting near zero performance increase is useless.

    if you want to spend a little more on the motherboard, id suggest a asus z77v pro

    a i7 performs no better in games than a i5 as i said before. and a i7 3770k will perform better than a 3820 since ivy bridge is a bit more efficient.

    it isnt worth the price. its dumb to spend more for such a small increase that you cant see.

    the size is a problem if you want to do SLI. it will over heat the cards since they are right up against each other when you slot them into the motherboard. id still suggest getting the msi power edition gtx670. it will beat pretty much any card from any other vendor since you can overvolt. my warning is that overvolting could easily damage the card if you over do it

    amd performs better and is cheaper. phsyx is not important other than in games such as borderlands 2 and batman arkam city
  5. Thank you,
    I will Consider the i5 3570k and maybe a Maximus V for a mobo since i get some extra $ to kill, also ill check out the 670 power eddition maybe even get 2 of them right off the bat with some sacrifices to accesories, do i need to beef up the power supply for that? or will the GS800 handle 2 670's ok?
  6. id actually suggest switching out the gs800. not the best unit out there

    do you have the corsair hx750w? that is a better unit

    if you really want to kill some money, id get the maximus v formula. its much more gaming oriented. the extreme is for guys who do very high end watercooling, and record benching
  7. yes i can grab the hx 750 no probs, but will it run a sli 670 smooth? or am i cutting it too close?
  8. its plenty.

    make sure to get a good gaming keyboard as i said. razer keyboards arent that great

    same goes for a headset
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